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WiMax is wireless internet access over a high speed 3G, or 4G connection, sometimes referred to as personal WiFi Internet access that you can take with you, or use at home in select locations. Enter your information to see if you can get WiMax in your area.

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Availability of Internet service, and exact pricing is location specific in terms of service address, and sometimes zipcode.

By entering your information we can narrow down just those Internet service providers in your area, which allows you to compare accurate rates based on Internet service providers for your exact location. Your information is safe, and will never be used in any way inconsistent with our privacy policy.

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Information Base

Welcome to the information base for WiMax Internet service. In this section you’ll find more detailed information in regards to WiMax Internet service, providers, and access in addition to helpful tips, and articles.

WiMax Internet
WiMax is a term to describe an alternative to cable, or phone company high-speed Internet of thhe “last mile” to your home, business, or access point via wireless connection. WiMax is a 4G (fourth generation) Internet connection, though some WiMax providers may offer 3G Internet for those areas not equiped for 4G.
WiMax Internet Service Providers
Clear is the largest WiMax only Internet provider in the U.S. and offers WiMax at home, and on the go. They also offer digital phone service available for bundling with Clear WiMax service. Sprint also offers WiMax, but is primarily a cellular provider, while Clear is primarily WiMax, or personal WiFi.
WiMax Providers in My Area
If you’ve searched for “WiMax providers in my area” you’ll notice the selection is slim, but you can check WiMax availability for your location by entering your service address, and zipcode. If WiMax is available for your home, it likely is available in your surrounding area making it possible to take your Internet with you.