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Wireless mobile Internet providers help you enjoy the freedom of wireless Internet access nearly everywhere you go with fast 3G, 4G, and WiMax connections for laptops, netbooks, notebooks, tablets, and mobile hotspots.

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Mobilebroadband Providers Features Deals & Pricing
logo-small Sprint Mobile Broadband

Get Internet on the go with Sprint 3G and 4G (where available) mobile broadband plans with 5 GB of data per month.

  • 3G and 4G mobile Internet speeds
  • Includes 5 GB of usage per month
  • USB modem included with term agreement
Sprint Mobile broadband starting at $59.99 /mo for 5 GB data Learn more »
logo-small Verizon Mobile Broadband

Get wireless Internet for your mobile hotspot, laptop, netbook, notebook, or Tablet Pc with 4G and 3G mobile broadband speeds.

  • 3G and 4G mobile Internet speeds
  • Plans from 1 GB to 10 GB usage per month
Verizon Mobile Broadband starting at $20 /mo. 4G access in select areas Learn more »
Wimax Providers Features Deals & Pricing
logo-small Clear Mobile Internet

Take your 4G wireless Internet access with you across Clear's coverage area. Enjoy Clear at home, or on the go.

  • 4G mobile Internet speeds
  • Unlimited usage
  • Available on month-to-month, or 2-year contract plans
Clear Mobile Broadband starting at $45 /mo. Learn more »

Information Base

Welcome to the information base for wireless, and mobile Internet service where you’ll find more detailed information about wireless Internet service, and providers including helpful tips, and updated articles.

Wireless Internet / Mobile Internet
There are a couple different ways to access wireless, and mobile Internet services. The most common would be from cellular providers like Sprint, or Verizon wireless. Another way the get mobile Internet is through a WiMax, or WiFi provider like Clear. Mobile Internet speeds are typically 3G, but some providers may have 4G networks available in your area.
Wireless Internet for Laptops, Netbooks, Notebooks, and Tablets
To get mobile broadband, or wireless Internet for laptops, netbooks, and notebooks you’ll need some hardware like a wireless air card which slides into a small slot located on one side of your laptop. If you don’t have an aircard slot you can just use a USB modem, and plug it into an avaialable USB port on your laptop. Some tablets may have an aircard built in, and won’t require a USB modem.
Wireless Internet Access and Services
Even with a mobile broadband plan, it may not be available everywhere you travel. Fortunately there are hotels, coffee shops, and other places with free, or low cost WiFi access for those times when you’re outside of your coverage area. Wireless Internet access is fairly common in densely populated area’s, but for those times WiFi access is hard to find, you’ll want to make sure you have wireless Internet service through a provider with a large coverage map, like Verizon Wireless.
Wireless Internet Providers in My Area
If you have a good cellular provider in your area, chances are good you can get wireless Internet, or mobile broadband service. Using a search engine to find “wireless Internet providers in my area” will likely produce results with websites that allow you to search for wireless Internet providers by zipcode, or service address. This is highly beneficial since you’ll only be shown providers available at your location, saving you time, and potentially money when you’re trying to compare wireless Internet providers, and connections.