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About Internet Service in Washington

Seattle.Gov is a cool site brought to us by the City of Seattle and is a 24-hour city hall for all citizens. All city departments, offices, agencies and boards are represented on the website as well as the Mayor's Office and the City Council. Seattle.Gov also contains a break-down an page for for all city informaiton and services. The nice part about that is that they are alwyas on line 365x24x7.

My.Seattle.Gov is made up of pages called tabs enable people to tailor the appearance of Seattle.Gov to suit their uses. The tabs contain different widgets in order to add, edit, remove or move content. Each widget has the City of Seattle information, list of services, photos, and videos.

People can successfully create a personalized Seattle.Gov with the following steps:

1. Sign Up

A valid email account is needed.

2. Get Started

After signing up, you will be redirected to the Home tab that contains different popular widgets including the Seattle Channel Live, the City of Seattle Staff Directory and the Getting Started widgets.

3. Add New Widgets

To add widgets in the Home tab just click the add content button. There are many options available in the list of widgets. Add those widgets in own choice of having most important and valuable content.

4. Add New Tabs

To organize widgets into different tabs, just click add tabs. Double click the newly added tab in order to rename it.

5. Organize Widgets

Organize widgets by dragging and dropping it into different tabs. It can be moved within the tab or click the desired tab and drop it.

6. Check for New Additions

Seattle.Gov is always kept updated and maintained. Additional widgets may be available to the My.Seattle.Gov library.

My.Seattle.Gov was developed to enhance and extend the services of the Seattle.Gov website. In line with this, high speed Internet access is needed in each individual who will create own portal of it. An Internet provider available in the City of Seattle is the Seanet which offers different services in television, Internet, and phone packages. Their Internet services and packages are as follows:

  • DSL - a high-speed access for both residences and businesses

DSL Internet Access Monthly Cost

  • Personal - $24.00
  • Family/Small Business - $38.00
  • Premium - $55.00
  • Business Server - $70.00
  • Dialup - basic dialup access utilizing a regular phone line and a modem

Dialup Plans - Monthly Cost

  • Budget++ (60hours/month) $12.00
  • Unlimited $19.00
  • Max Speed - a new dialup web accelerator and only additional $3.00 to dialup plans
  • ISDN

Unlimited ISDN Plans Monthly Cost

  • Single Channel - $75.00
  • Dual Channel - $125.00
  • Frame Relay and T-1 - is a rock-solid and high volume Internet connections for businesses which need to have reliable and high performance access.
  • Metered Ethernet - is a connection between a network and Seanet to access speed of DSL, Cable and T-1 services.

Available Plans

  • Seanet 10M Internet (Up to 5 users)
  • Seanet 10M Internet (Up to 25 users)
  • Seanet 10M Internet (Unlimited users)

Washington Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Seattle, Washington 98101
  • Spokane, Washington 99201
  • Tacoma, Washington 98401
  • Vancouver, Washington 98660
  • Bellevue, Washington 98004
  • Everett, Washington 98201
  • Federal Way, Washington 98001
  • Kent, Washington 98030
  • Yakima, Washington 98901
  • Bellingham, Washington 98225