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About Internet Service in Virginia

Below is a list of Internet Service Providers located in Virginia State which help residential and business customers with their Internet access needs.

  • Rockbridge Global Village Inc.

The Rockbridge Global Village Inc. is the first Internet Service Provider in the Lexington Virginia area and was founded in 1994. They are dedicated in bringing broadband Internet and telephone to rural Virginia communities. Their residential solutions are Residential DSL Internet - price based on location, ISDN Internet - $39/month, Satellite Internet - $49/month, and Dialup Internet - starts at $15/month services while the business solutions include Business DSL Internet - starts at $39/month, RGV Complete – $89/month, and Leased Lines services.

  • Widomaker

Widomaker is an independent Internet Service Provider that serves homes and businesses with a product suite that includes Broadband and Dialup access services for residential use and for business use are Broadband (aDSL), Businesslink, Broadband, Metro Ethernet, Unlimited Internet, and Dedicated Broadband services. Widomaker's Data Center facility has at least N + 1 redundancy for every system and network, 24/7 security and monitoring, the highest number of level 2 & 3 engineers in the region, and direct Internet connectivity to diverse backbones via dual gigabit network.

  • Access Technology

Access Technology considered itself as the best solution for fast and reliable Internet, computer, VoIP, and phone services. Access Technology establish and foster long-lasting relationships with their customers based on trust and added value. They offer Nationwide Internet Access through several carriers. They have supported everyone from a dialup customer to hundreds of customers in an office for their Internet access. They offer the following Internet services:

  • Dialup Internet Access - starts at $9.75 per month
  • ADSL Home and Small Business DSL Service
  • Clearwire Wireless Internet Access
  • SDSL Business Internet Service
  • Cable Internet Access
  • FIOS Internet Access - will be commercialized and opened soon
  • T1 Internet Access

Virginia Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Virginia Beach, Virginia 23450
  • Norfolk, Virginia 23501
  • Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
  • Richmond, Virginia 23173
  • Arlington, Virginia 05250
  • Newport News, Virginia 23601
  • Hampton, Virginia 23605
  • Alexandria, Virginia 22301
  • Portsmouth, Virginia 23701
  • Roanoke, Virginia 24001