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About Internet Service in Vermont

Cell phone coverage outside the metropolitan areas of Vermont is weak due to interference from the mountains. Rural areas are the most affected part of the state in getting weak, or worse cell phones signals. Unicel, a brand of mobile phone service, focused on rural areas and covers most areas of Vermont which is currently owned by AT&T. In May 2007, the state successfully provided 3Mbps Broadband Internet service together with a universal coverage area for cell phones and made this all avialable in 2010. However, there are still 130,000 people who are experiencing poor services. That's why the state accepted a $116 million grant from the federal government in order to advance the growth of Internet technologies and services.

Comcast is the largest cable operator and Internet service provider in Vermont, and owns 1/3 of the home telephone service market in Vermont. In 2008, Comcast started to extend additional cable access throughout the State of Vermont which will allow ninety percent of people living in the State to have cable access.

Several telephone service providers are now offering different communication services including Internet access such as Green Mountain Access, Sovernet Communications, and VTel.

Green Mountain Access is Vermont's full service Internet Service Provider. They are committed to provide the highest quality technology and service to their customers. Broadband, Dialup and Email access are some of their Internet services. The second most common Internet Service Provider is Sovernet Communications which provides reliable Internet and telecommunication services to residential and business customers throughout Northern New England. Their High-Speed and Dialup Internet services have many plans options in order to support both residential and business needs. The last one, but not the least, is VTel. It is a family-owned telephone company that began serving rural Vermont in 1890. VTel Internet services include Broadband and Dialup for residential use, and Platinum Broadband, Gold Broadband, and Dialup for business use.

Vermont Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Burlington, Vermont 05401
  • Rutland, Vermont 05701
  • South Burlington, Vermont 05401
  • Barre, Vermont 05641
  • Bennington, Vermont 05201
  • Essex Junction, Vermont 05451
  • Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
  • Montpelier, Vermont 05601
  • St. Albans, Vermont 05478
  • Winooski, Vermont 05404