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About Internet Service in Tennessee

Tennessee has become well-known for its music from the early days of rock and roll with Elvis to the modern day country music capital of the World, Nashville. It's definitely a happening State. Of course nowadays you can’t even think about pop culture without thinking about the Internet and FaceBook, Twitter, and various other social sites. Let’s not forget iTunes and other great online music stores and/or legal download sites.

The Internet has become part of everyday operations of businesses and daily lives of individuals. That's why Internet Service Providers in the State of Tennessee keep offering fast and reliable Internet access packages to meet customers' needs and wants. Ben Lomand Rural Telephone Cooperative and Loretto Communication Services, Inc. provide Internet packages to people living in the state stay online and up-to-date with their favorite stars.

Ben Lomand Rural Telephone Cooperative contiues to develop in terms of its business and service footprint now making them one of the largest telephone cooperatives in the nation. They also started offering Internet services such as DSL and Dialup. Ben Lomand Rural Telephone Cooperative's Dialup Internet access has different available plans including the Basic Plan – $11.95 per month, Unlimited Plan - $19.95 per month, ISDN Net - starts at $19.95 per month and other Additional Accounts.

The success in business of Ben Lomand Rural Telephone Cooperative has led to even more companies into the ISP market like Loretto Communication Services, Inc. which is an affiliate of Loretto Telephone Company. In 1967, Loretto Telephone Co. became the first in the state to offer touch-tone telephone and direct long-distance dialing. Currently, they are serving around 5,000 customers with phone and Internet services. Their Internet services include High-Speed and Dialup Internet access.

Tennessee Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Memphis, Tennessee 37501
  • Nashville, Tennessee 37201
  • Knoxville, Tennessee 37901
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee 37401
  • Clarksville, Tennessee 37040
  • Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37127
  • Jackson, Tennessee 38301
  • Johnson City, Tennessee 37601
  • Kingsport, Tenneessee 37660
  • Franklin, Tennessee 37064