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About Internet Service in South Dakota

In 2009, South Dakota was awarded grants for Broadband Mapping and Broadband Planning. The Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (BIT) has partnered with BroadMap to create a state-wide comprehensive broadband availability map measuring current Internet access coverage. This will help the State to understand better how to expand broadband Internet access throughout South Dakota. Verifying the consistent high-speeds and equal access to the Internet is the key to the program.

Internet Service Providers play important roles in broadband mapping as they are the only ones that really know their service areas with certainty. High quality Internet service and customer support are the primary concerns for them as well. There are two ISP’s that we would like to feature for South Dakota:

LocalLink has been offering affordable premium online services and upgrades for several years to both residential and business customers.

Residential solutions include the following:

Unlimited Dialup Service with LocalLink Accelarator

  • $26.95 monthly
  • $239.95 annually
  • $10.00 setup fee

Unlimited Dialup Service

  • $21.95 monthly
  • $179.95 annually
  • $10.00 setup fee

Basic DSL Service

  • 256K Burstable Wireless Internet Service
  • $39.95 monthly

Faster DSL Service

  • 384K Burstable Wireless Internet Service
  • $44.95 monthly

LocalLink's business solutions are DSL, Wireless, and Private Lane or Frame Relay Internet services. Bandwidth sizes depend upon the request by business customers.

On the other hand, Golden West was the first company to stretch telephone lines across the remote plains of western South Dakota. Nowadays, Golden West and its subsidiaries provide services to over 43,000 telephone customers, 15,000 Internet subscribers, 10,000 cable television viewers, 30,000 paging customers, and some 225 call center customers that make them the state-wide leader in information, communications, and entertainment. Golden West Internet solutions are DSL High-Speed Internet, Dialup Access, Wireless Internet, and Cable Internet.

South Dakota Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57101
  • Rapid City, South Dakota 57701
  • Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401
  • Watertown, South Dakota 57201
  • Brookings, South Dakota 57006
  • Mitchell, South Dakota 57301
  • Pierre, South Dakota 57501
  • Yankton, South Dakota 57078
  • Huron, South Dakota 57350
  • Vermillion, South Dakota 57069