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About Internet Service in San Francisco

San Francisco is a lively northern California city located in the Sacramento-Bay area. Its well-educated residents earn a median income that is considerably higher than that of the average American. Connectivity and extended service area coverage is a bit of a problem for San Francisco; a problem that has created a market that allows for four big-name providers to compete.

San Francisco County Quick Facts

  • Total Area (sq miles): 224
  • Population: 814,726
  • Housing Units: 389,677
San Francisco Education Levels Overall U.S. Education Levels
H.S. Graduates 80.0% 80.0%
Bachelor’s Degree 43.6% 24.8%
San Francisco Resident Incomes Overall U.S. Incomes
Median Income $66,950 $58,283
Poverty Rate 12.2% 15.8%
Below $25k 21.0% 24.1%
$25k-$50k 25.7% 30.0%
$50k-$100k 29.9% 30.6%
$100k-$200k 20.8% 16.5%
$200k or more 7.1% 4.2%


Internet Access in San Francisco

City Connectivity

San Francisco residents enjoy a decent breadth of options in wireless service delivery. DSL and broadband cable are available in nearly every area of the city, and a tiny portion of residents may choose fiber optic cable.

City Accessibility Rates Overall U.S. Rates
DSL 99.9% 89.7%
Fiber 3.1% 23.3%
Cable 99.6% 88.6%
Wireless 100.0% 99.0%


Internet Speed in San Francisco

Internet speeds in San Francisco are good; uploads and downloads are slightly higher than the state of California as a whole, and about average compared to the rest of the country.

  • Upload Speed: 6.66 Mbps
  • Download Speed: 20.46 Mbps
  • Source:

San Francisco-Area Providers

Though San Francisco doesn’t take up as much geographical space as other mid-sized cities in the U.S., it is generously populated for its size. This busy city, with its thriving economy, offers users four major wireless service providers.

For San Francisco, the final list of ISPs looks like this:


  • Service Areas: city, metro area and surrounding
  • Service Tiers: Mobile Share Value No-Contract, Tablet Data Plan
  • Downstream Speeds: 6GB, 10GB
  • Monthly Price: $25, $14.99
  • Features and Limitations: AT&T offers only two choices in data plans; fortunately, these are both quite inexpensive. 4G LTE Coverage is good in the entire metropolitan area and surrounding communities, with the exception of coastal property in outlying areas.


  • Service Areas: city, metro area and surrounding
  • Service Tiers: Nationwide
  • Downstream Speeds: 500 Mbps, 2.5 GB, Unlimited
  • Monthly Price: $50, $60, $70
  • Features and Limitations: T-Mobile is on the more expensive side, but offers three plans, one of which allows for unlimited data usage. 4G coverage is fairly reliable in metro San Francisco, but spotty in Sausalito and Oakland areas.


  • Service Areas: city, metro area and surrounding
  • Service Tiers: Share Everything
  • Downstream Speeds: 500 Mbps, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB
  • Monthly Price: $40, $50, $60, $70, $80
  • Features and Limitations: Verizon offers versatility with its multiple package options. The price is high, but 3G coverage is solid in the immediate metropolitan area. Coverage is unreliable in surrounding communities

Sprint Nextel

  • Service Areas: city, metro area and surrounding
  • Service Tiers: My All-In Unlimited, My Way
  • Downstream Speeds: Unlimited
  • Monthly Price: $110, $50
  • Features and Limitations: Sprint is the only provider to offer all unlimited-access plans. Two choices are available, both of which are spendy. 4G coverage is available on the north end of the city only; 3G coverage is solid elsewhere in the city. In surrounding communities, coverage is extremely unreliable or non-existent.

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