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Rhode Island Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Providence, Rhode Island 02901
  • Warwick, Rhode Island 02818
  • Cranston, Rhode Island 02823
  • Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860
  • East Providence, Rhode Island 02914
  • Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895
  • North Providence, Rhode Island 02904
  • West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893
  • Newport, Rhode Island 02840
  • Bristol, Rhode Island 02809

About Internet Service in Rhode Island

The State of Rhode Island is also known as the Ocean State and is the smallest US state by area. While it may be geographically small, the government of Rhode Island is working hard to innovate through really creative uses of technology. They are truly one of the leaders in modernizing their information systems.

The Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council (RI STAC) was launched in 2005 and by charged with fulfilling the vision of a technology driven government. RI STAC seeks to assist the research and development capacity, to encourage entrepreneurs to create new businesses, and to help organizations to innovate. These are all through developing well-planned and organized programs and policies. RI STAC provides four major services which include Research and Development, New Company Creation, Enabling Innovation, and RI Research Alliance which are all available to those interested business leaders globally through their website. RI STAC's website is also featuring the State S&T Plan, Meeting Schedules, and Success Stories. RI STAC has the goal of reaching and connecting to business leaders and representatives in order to start to help solve their problems.

Several Internet Service Providers play a role in driving the implementation and use of several RI STAC services.

However, Towerstream is one of the leading wireless Internet service providers in the State which utilizes 4G technologies in order to deliver advanced, high-speed Internet access to businesses. They guarantee 99.99% uptime that enables customers to enjoy and stay satisfied with their Internet access. Big Dog Technologies is also an Internet service provider offering Dialup Access and DSL Internet connections.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders have more options in choosing appropriate Internet connection package which should be fast and reliable so that they can easily access the Rhode Island Science and Technology Advisory Council website and start the innovation in their businesses

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