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About Internet Service in Oregon

Below is the list of Internet Service Providers in the State of Oregon also known as the Beaver State. The provider’s profile, Internet service packages, and location are also stated in the list.

  • ActionNet – Peak Internet

ActionNet was purchased by Peak Internet in August 2008 to continuously give Internet services to different cities of Oregon such as Newport, Lincoln City, Waldport, Toledo, Siletz, Yachats, Depoe Bay, Corvallis, Philomath, and Gleneden Beach. The headquarter address is 1600 SW Western Blvd., Suite 180, Corvallis, Oregon. ActionNet Internet services are Dialup 56K Un-Metered Account at $15.00 per month, Dialup 56K Dial on Demand Account at $20.00 per month, High-Speed Wireless Accounts up to 3Mbps starts at $50.00 per month, and DSL Internet packages.

  • Budget Internet headquarters is located at 204 NW 4th Street, Grand Pass, OR and has extended their service footprint all over the State of Oregon to help and support the State’s Internet needs. Budget Internet is committed to giving fast, friendly support, and maintains a large staff of helpful local folks to assist each customer. They support Wireless connections and offer High-Speed DSL which is $19.95 per month.
  • Cybernet Nationwide (CNNW) is an innovative nationwide Internet provider which offers experienced, professional customer service in plain English. Internet access including Dialup and DSL services as well as business packages, hosting and DSL solutions, which start at $34.95 per month are all available in CCNW. They also provide a Dialup Accelerator to speed up the existing CNNW Dialup connection.
  • Whiz to Coho Inc. was originally called as Whiz.to which was created in 1990’s to provide web hosting and design services. Then in summer of 2001, Whiz.to purchased Coho.net, an Internet Service Provider, and thus the name Whiz to Coho Inc. came about. Whiz to Coho Inc. offers a variety of Internet access options which includes Rural Wireless Broadband, 56K Dialup, and DSL. The Whiz to Coho headquarters is located at 12800 N.W. Bishop Rd., Hillsboro, OR.
  • Computer Country is located at 1930 Table Rock Rd., Medford, OR. Their connectivity options include Dialup Basic, Dialup Dedicated, Dialup Deluxe, Dialup Nationwide, DSL Qwest Pro, DSL Qwest Residential, ISDN Residential, ISDN Recreational, Wireless Business, and Wireless Residential.
  • PacInfo Internet Services, originally Pacific Information of Oregon Inc., has been serving the IT needs of businesses throughout the State of Oregon since 1980. Since 1995, they have been providing Internet services to Eugene, Springfield, and other nearby communities. PacInfo offers Dialup, DSL Qwest, DSL New Edge, and ISDN.
  • DSL Northwest offers Residential and Business DSL solutions with the following packages:
    • Residential DSL package:
      • Starts at $33.00 per month
      • 24/7 Unlimited Internet Access
      • Static Protected IP Address
      • 2 Email Accounts with Spam Filtering
      • 25MB Server Space
      • Phone and Email Technical Support
      • Optional Home Office Package
      • Business DSL package:
        • 24/7 Unlimited Internet Access
        • Static IP Address
        • Customized Number of Email Accounts
        • Spam Filtering Option
        • Customized Amount of Server Space
        • Phone and Email Technical Support
        • Domain Name Support
        • Web Hosting Package Included
  • DSL-Only was founded in late 1998 and has always been committed to providing the best Internet services possible at value prices. They support DSL Internet service with three different packages including Residential, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), and Business solutions. DSL-Only is located at 532 SE Clay Street, Portland, OR.
  • Eastern Oregon Net Inc. (EONI) was founded in 1996 with the goal to provide progressive and high-quality Internet access to Northeast of Oregon. EONI supports DSL, Wireless, Advanced Business Access, and 56K Modem Access Internet services.
  • Peak Internet has two main offices which are located in the Corvallis and Lebanon areas of Oregon. They provide Internet access for Residents and Businesses. Internet services include Dialup and Broadband connections.
  • Preferred Communications Inc. (PCI) is considered as Oregon’s Premier Provider for Internet and Networking Provisioning. PCI has speed and technology to provide fastest Internet connections to each customer’s Internet demands. Internet access services include Dedicated Dialup, Frame Relay Access, and DSL Verizon or Qwest areas.
  • SpireTech has been providing Internet services and equipment in the Pacific Northwest since 1993 and is considered the oldest, locally-owned ISP in Portland. SpireTech offers a wide range of computer and Internet services including Dialup and DSL Internet access, Server Co-location, IT Support, Equipment Sales and Repair, Managed and Virtual Hosting and Custom Web Design. Their PO BOX is 15066 Portland, OR.
  • Willamette.Net has been offering different IT services including Internet access. They support Dialup, Broadband, and Wireless Internet service options. Willamette.Net offers also Dialup Accelerator Add-ons and Connection Test Speed enables to give the desired Internet speed of each customer. Their main office is located at 2300 Oakmont Way, Suite 213, Eugene, OR.

Oregon Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Portland, Oregon 97200
  • Eugene, Oregon 97401
  • Salem, Oregon 97301
  • Gresham, Oregon 97030
  • Beaverton, Oregon 97005
  • Hillsboro, Oregon 97006
  • Medford, Oregon 97501
  • Springfield, Oregon 97477
  • Bend, Oregon 97701
  • Corvallis, Oregon 97330