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About Internet Service in Oklahoma City

The state of Oklahoma ranks 35th overall for U.S. Internet connection speeds. Oklahoma City, the state capital, ranks 7th in the state for download speeds and 9th for upload speeds. Its markedly low speeds and unimpressive position within the state ranks places Oklahoma City at a technological disadvantage.

Oklahoma County Quick Facts

  • Total Area (sq miles): 561
  • Population: 599,623
  • Housing Units: 266,055
Oklahoma Education Levels Overall U.S. Education Levels
H.S. Graduates 83.0% 80.0%
Bachelor’s Degree 25.5% 24.8%
Oklahoma Resident Incomes Overall U.S. Incomes
Median Income $49,880 $58,283
Poverty Rate 16.6% 15.8%
Below $25k 27.7% 24.1%
$25k-$50k 34.9% 30.0%
$50k-$100k 28.2% 30.6%
$100k-$200k 13.0% 16.5%
$200k or more 2.7% 4.2%

Source: BroadbandMap.gov

Internet Access in Oklahoma

City Connectivity

Oklahoma City’s slower speeds is at least partly explained by the nature of its infrastructure. DSL penetration falls below the national average of 89.7%, and the amount of fiber available is about one third of the national average. For a city of more than a half million people, the lagging nature of technology plant places them at a competitive disadvantage.

City Accessibility Rates Overall U.S. Rates
DSL 88.4% 89.7%
Fiber 6.4% 23.3%
Cable 96.1% 88.6%
Wireless 100.0% 99.0%

Source: BroadbandMap.gov

Internet Speed in Oklahoma

When considering Oklahoma City’s Internet connection speeds, context is important. It’s position of 7th statewide for downloads is a full 4 Mbps slower than the fastest download time in the state; Bethany, a part of the metropolitan Oklahoma City area, has download speeds of 25.63 Mbps and upload speeds of 1.5 Mbps. Cost for Oklahoma City residents is also an issue, and cause residents to pay $5.14 per Mbps versus $3.47 for Edmund, $3.60 for Norman and $4.79 for Stillwater.

  • Upload Speed: 6.12 Mbps
  • Download Speed: 21.6 Mbps
  • Source: NetIndex.com

Oklahoma-Area Providers

Oklahoma City’s lack of speed is most likely a product of the absence of a competitive marketplace. The dominant player, Cox Communications, is unchallenged by its two smaller regional competitors. As such, it does not appear to be building an advanced infrastructure that will support higher speeds.

For Oklahoma, the final list of ISPs looks like this:

Cox Communications

  • Service Areas: Service levels and availability vary by address
  • Service Tiers: Essential, Preferred, Premier, and Ultimate
  • Downstream Speeds: 5 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $34.99 – $88.99
  • Features and Limitations: Cox subscribers may take advantage of bundle savings by combining Internet, TV, and telephone services. The Essential service tier offers downstreams of 5 Mbps combined with upload speeds of only 1 Mbps that are threadbare when compared to the city’s downstream average of 21.6 Mbps.

AtLink WiFi

  • Service Areas: Service levels and availability vary by address
  • Service Tiers: Basic, Advanced, Extreme and Gamers
  • Downstream Speeds: 1.5-6 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $139.95 – $74.95
  • Features and Limitations: Their coverage area is spotty and, despite their impressive sounding names, their connection speeds are significantly below state and national averages. The top tiered Extreme package offers upload and download speeds of 6 Mbps and the Gamers plan provides 3 Mbps in each direction with a static IP address (on request) for $64.95.


  • Service Areas: One Service level and availability varies by address
  • Service Tiers: Residential\Small Business Account
  • Downstream Speeds: 4 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $49.95
  • Features and Limitations: They offer only one package, which appears to be marketing itself against satellite services only, calling this package its DSL equivalent.

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