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About Internet Service in New Jersey

New Jersey was the third state that joined the United States in 1787. The same year they were the first State to sign the Bill of Rights. New Jersey continued to grow after the Civil War and opened more factories and cities. Immigrants came and the state became more famous particularly to its inventions. Thomas Edison was from New Jersey and may still be its most famous inventor Now, there is a different kind of innovation going on as Internet services expand throughout New Jersey.

There are now several different Internet service providers available in New Jersey. Some are listed below:

1. GTI

GTI offers a full line of Internet services to all businesses including website development, Oracle and Cold fusion database hosting and tuning, E-mail, Server co-location, and a variety of High-speed Internet solutions.

Internet Access Solutions Monthly Fee Description
ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) $199.95 this is a high-speed digital telephone service that can be used for either single or dual channel Internet access.
DSL $49.95 It has 24/7 unlimited access, five email addresses with webmail, dedicated guaranteed bandwidth, free back-up dialup connection, expert technical support team, up-to-the-minute installation status, and static IP addresses and router.
Dedicated Internet Service $329 Dedicated Internet connectivity for small to large-size businesses offering great speed and performance. Speed options are 256K, 384K, 512K, 768K, 1.1M, and 1.544M.

2. Advanza Systems

Advanza Systems provides long term of services to their valued customers. They have professional and well-experienced network engineers and telecom specialists to design, implement, and support all of their business communication needs.

Internet Access Solutions Description
  • Download speeds up to 7Mb
  • Upload speeds up to 768Kb
  • Static IP
Bonded DSL
  • Download speeds up to 28Mb
  • Upload speeds up to 3Mb
  • Static IP
Dedicated Internet Access
  • T1 and NxT1 services up to 6Mb
  • T3 services up to 45Mb
  • Static IP Block

3. Tellurian Networks

Tellurian Networks is a professional and profitable Internet service provider for the past ten (10) years. It serves fast and reliable business and residential Internet connections.

Internet access connections:

1. DSL (512K - 7,100K) - Ideal for small to medium businesses of 10-50 users doing heavy web surfing, emailing, file uploads, and utilize of servers.

2. T1/T3/DS3 (128K - 44,320K) – Ideal fro medium to large businesses of 50-250+ users.

New Jersey Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Newark, New Jersey 07101
  • Jersey City, New Jersey 07097
  • Paterson, New Jersey 07501
  • Elizabeth, New Jersey 07201
  • Edison, New Jersey 08817
  • Toms River, New Jersey 08753
  • Trenton, New Jersey 08601
  • Camden, New Jersey 08101
  • Clifton, New Jersey 07011
  • East Orange, New Jersey 07017