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About Internet Service in Nebraska

Below is a list of some of the Internet Service Providers in the state of Nebraska together with their available connection packages:

1. Connecting Point

Connecting Point offers different products and services such as computers (hardware sales), computer repairs, Internet access, and network setup consulting to Northeastern Nebraska. As an Internet service provider, they provide the following types of connections:

  • Dialup - is considered as the oldest and most widely available Internet service offered by Connecting Point.
  • DSL - is available to residential or business user depending upon availability in the Norfolk, Wayne, Fremont and Omaha areas.

2. Internet Nebraska

Internet Nebraska was founded to ensure local, high-quality and affordable Internet access and services.

  • Dialup:
    • Regular Dialup Accounts
    • Network User Accounts
    • Group Accounts
  • High-Speed Broadband DSL:
    • DSL Lite
    • DSL Standard
    • DSL Ultra
    • DSL Extreme
    • DSL Twelve
    • DSL Choice
    • DSL Platinum
    • Standalone DSL
      • Residential Standalone
      • Residential Standalone DSL Platinum
      • Business Standalone DSL
      • Business Standalone DSL Platinum
  • High-Speed Broadband Cable
  • High-Speed Broadband Wireless
  • Internet Nebraska Dedicated Service

3. Lunar Gravity Networks

Lunar Gravity Networks is a one-stop Internet solution that has three high speed redundant connections with over 135 million bits per second of on-demand bandwidth.

  • Dialup
    • Nationwide 20hours/month Dialup – $9.95
    • Nationwide Unlimited monthly Dialup – $17.95
  • DSL
    • Choice DSL 256/month – $29.95
    • Choice DSL Deluxe/month – $47.95
    • Tier1 128/768k per month – $49.90
    • Tier2 256/1.5M per month – $119.70
    • Tier3 768/1.5M per month – $219.70

4. WesTel Systems

WesTel Systems is another great ISP that has kept their equipment on the bleeding edge and accordingly offer several great Internet packages.

5. OmniTech

OmniTech can provide a wireless Internet connection in several different cities like Fremont, Hooper, Oakland, Lyons, and Scribner.

  • High-Speed Wireless
    • 512kbps/512kbps per month – $34.95
    • 1Mbps/1Mbps per month – $44.95
    • 1.5Mbps/1Mbps per month – $49.95
    • 1Mbps/3Mbps per month – $44.95

Nebraska Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Omaha, Nebraska 68046
  • Lincoln, Nebraska 68501
  • Bellevue, Nebraska 68005
  • Grand Island, Nebraska 68801
  • Kearney, Nebraska 68845
  • Fremont, Nebraska 68025
  • Hastings, Nebraska 68901
  • North Platte, Nebraska 69101
  • Norfolk, Nebraska 68701
  • Columbus, Nebraska 68601