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About Internet Service in Missouri

Here are some of the great ISP's operating in the State of Missouri:


I-Land began providing local Internet access in Sedalia, MO. Then after a year they added Knob Noster, Warrenburg and then 40 additional communities from 3 Points of Presence. If you are looking for a great value for your money, choose I-Land for stable and quick connections they offer the following:

  • Dial-In Modem Access
  • Accelerated Dialup
  • ISDN Access
  • i-DSL Access
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Leased-Line and Frame Relay Access

goINET, Inc

goINET, Inc is a Tier II Internet Service Provider and has redundant DS-3 connections to the Internet using a variety of Tier I providers such as UUNET/MCI WorldCom, Level(3), Savvis, Verio, and Sprint. They keep on providing the shortest and fastest Internet connection to their customers and offer Internet services like Dialup, a variety of DSL packages, ISDN, Frame Relay, and T1's.


JCN Internet Services has a corporate office located at: 520 South Truman Blvd., Festus, MO. They currently provide different Internet services including DSL for residential and business use.


Socket is offers a great value along with some computing crunch power. They offer Internet service options like DSL and Accelerated Dialup. Here’s a quick description of their plans:

  • Residential High-Speed DSL
  • Residential Premium Dialup – $65.85 for first three months, $114.95 for first six months, or $214.95 for first twelve months. NOTE: All inclusive of free setup
  • Residential Unlimited Dialup – $109.95 for first six months, $199.95 for first twelve months, or $19.95 per month
  • Business Priority High-Speed DSL


YHTI has grown from offering Dialup and Hosting services in a handful of towns to High-Speed Dedicated connections throughout the State of Missouri. YHTI provides a hundred percent digital equipment and a redundant fiber optic sonic ring backbone connection in order to support fast and reliable Internet connection needs of people with different packages available including the following

  • Nationwide Dialup Access
  • Accelerated Dialup Access
  • Wireless High-Speed Access
  • Dedicated T1 and Fiber Connections
  • Frame Relay

Missouri Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Kansas City, Missouri 64101
  • St. Louis, Missouri 63101
  • Springfield, Missouri 65721
  • Independence, Missouri 64050
  • Columbia, Missouri 65201
  • St. Joseph, Missouri 64501
  • Lee's Summit, Missouri 64063
  • St. Charles, Missouri 63301
  • St. Peters, Missouri 63303
  • Florissant, Missouri 63031