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About Internet Service in Minnesota

  • BHI Advanced Internet was founded in 1994 and focuses on providing Internet services with high performance, reliability, and security features. Their vision is to be the market leader of secure and managed Internet services in Minnesota. They offer mutliple Internet services including Dialup Access, Business and Residential DSL, DS1, DS3, Frame Relay, and ISDN. BHI headquarter is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.
  • BackPack Software Inc (BPSI) provides reliable Internet connectivity and other consulting services to business and residential customers. They provide quality and value-oriented services and products in order to meet the needs of their customers. Dialup, Residential and Commercial DSL, Frame Relay and VPN are some of their fast and reliable Internet services.
  • Cloudnet Inc was the first local Internet Service Provider in St. Cloud, MN. Cloudnet was formed to provide affordable Internet access to individuals and businesses. They offer high-speed and dedicated lines for high end users. Cloudnet's Internet services are Dialup, High-Speed DSL, High-Speed Wireless, ISDN, and Dedicated access lines.
  • Earthlink Inc is a leading provider of Internet services to homes and small businesses throughout the U.S. Earthlink's Dialup service is about $9.95 per month.
  • Entreprise Network Systems (ENS) is a Network Integration Consulting firm, helping businesses increase their competitive advantage through leveraging technology. They also provide Internet access with the following connectivity options:
    • Dialup
    • DSL
    • Frame Relay
    • Point-to-Point
  • HickoryTech has been a premier communications solution provider that enables connects businesses and consumers. They offer a wide variety of communication services to their business and residential customers over their multi-state fiber optic network. HickoryTech offers High-Speed Internet service with the following features:
    • Flexible speed options
    • No contract
    • Free junk email filtering
    • Free email virus protection
    • Wireless networking options
    • 24/7 local technical support

They also offer Dedicated Internet access to businesses at accelerated speeds and larger bandwidths.

  • Infinity AccessNET is a full Internet Service Provider in Minnesota that has been operating since 1995 and provides Internet access which includes Dialup, DSL, ISDN, and Point-to-Point T1.
  • ipHouse has been in business for over 25 years and gained solid experience in designing, installing, and managing the Internet infrastructure for Minnesota. Their secure data center is composed of dependable hardware and redundant connections which are all maintained by their skillful engineers and other Internet professionals. ipHouse Internet service include the following:
    • Metropolitan Optical Ethernet
    • T1 Internet Access
    • DSL Internet Access
    • Dialup Internet Access
  • Jaguar Communications Inc was founded to provide the same level of Internet service that metropolitan areas get to rural Minnesotans. They offer residential and business high-speed DSL Internet services with various speed options.
  • LocalLink also offers affordable premium online Internet services including Dialup, DSL, Wireless, and Frame Relay.
  • Netalliance is continuously providing Internet solutions in order to become a leader in Virtual Enterprise Solutions including System Integrations, Internet Access, managed Wide Area Networking and VPN.
  • Outlook Technologies (OutTech) has a mission to assist individuals and businesses with their Internet technology needs. Their connection services include the following:
    • Nationwide Dialup Access – $9.95 per month
    • Rate Adaptive DSL - starts at $19.95 per month
  • Sihope provides a complete range of high quality Internet services to small and midsize companies. Sihope offers wide variety of connectivity options such as Dialup, DSL, ISDN, Wireless, and T1.
  • SkyPoint is a full service Internet Service Provider of Residential and Commercial 56K Dialup, DSL, ISDN, and Frame Relay connections.
  • Sytek has been serving Central Minnesota for more than a hundred years. They are positioned to serve their customers as a turnkey solution for all business and residential needs. They have been providing Dialup and High-Speed Internet service options for years.
  • TCQ Internet offers Broadband and Dialup Internet services. It is headquartered at Minneapolis, MN. TCQ Broadband options are DSL – $28.95/month, DSL Silver – $47.95/month and DSL Platinum – $54.95/month.
  • USFamily.Net is now offering both retail and commercial Internet access dedicated to provide fast and reliable connectivity at valued price. USFamily.Net offers only the latest 100% State-of-the-Art Digital access specializing in 56k, DSL, and ISDN technologies.
  • Velotel was established to provide small and medium sized businesses with their business class Internet and Telecommunications services. One of their services is Internet access that includes DSL Based Internet Access, Analog Dial Internet Access, Digital Dial Internet Access, and T1 Dedicated Internet Access.
  • Winternet is a BPSI company that provides fast access to Internet with the following variety of service options:
    • Dialup 256hours
    • Dialup evenings
    • Dialup weekends
    • Dialup unlimited
    • Email only access
    • DSL access
    • Telnet access
    • Frame relay access

Minnesota Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55199
  • St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
  • Duluth, Minnesota 55701
  • Rochester, Minnesota 55901
  • Bloomington, Minnesota 55420
  • Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428
  • Plymouth, Minnesota 55441
  • Eagan, Minnesota 55120
  • Coon Rapids, Minnesota 55433
  • Burnsville, Minnesota 55306