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About Internet Service in Mesa

Compared to national upload and download speeds, Mesa is ahead of the game. This city has high rates of Internet accessibility when it comes to DSL, wireless, and cable connections. However, they almost completely lack fiber connectivity. Residents can choose from several mainstream national ISPs and Cox Communications, which provides service to a limited number of U.S. states.

Mesa County Quick Facts

  • Total Area (sq miles): 124
  • Population: 447,238
  • Housing Units: 209,759
Mesa Education Levels Overall U.S. Education Levels
H.S. Graduates 84.1% 80.0%
Bachelor’s Degree 21.5% 24.8%
Mesa Resident Incomes Overall U.S. Incomes
Median Income $54,469 $58,283
Poverty Rate 16.6% 15.8%
Below $25k 21.4% 24.1%
$25k-$50k 35.5% 30.0%
$50k-$100k 32.6% 30.6%
$100k-$200k 14.0% 16.5%
$200k or more 2.3% 4.2%


Internet Access in Mesa

City Connectivity

Mesa’s DSL, cable, and wireless accessibility rates greatly exceed the national rates for these Internet options. However, fiber connectivity is almost nonexistent in this city, which can bring down the average Internet speeds for Mesa.

City Accessibility Rates Overall U.S. Rates
DSL 96.8% 89.7%
Fiber 0.3% 23.3%
Cable 99.6% 88.6%
Wireless 100.0% 99.0%


Internet Speed in Mesa

Mesa residents enjoy Internet speeds that are slightly higher than the Arizona state averages of 8.75 Mbps and 23.30 Mbps for upload and download speeds, respectively. In comparison to other Arizona locations, Mesa’s Internet is quite slower than Winslow, a city with a significantly lower population and download speeds reaching 32.21 Mbps. However, Mesa still exceeds other Arizona city speeds by a significant margin. For example, Bullhead City has the much slower average download rate of 12.59 Mbps.

  • Upload Speed: 9.53 Mbps
  • Download Speed: 24.63 Mbps
  • Source:

Mesa-Area Providers

The usual mainstream cellular and Internet providers are available within Mesa such as AT&T and Verizon. However, subscribers can also sign up for Cox Communications, which provides Internet service to a select amount of U.S. states, including Arizona. Cox Communications provides the fastest starting Internet package, while Verizon provides the slowest starting package.

For Mesa, the final list of ISPs looks like this:

Cox Communications

  • Service Areas: Available throughout Mesa
  • Service Tiers: Cox Internet Essential, Cox Internet Preferred, Cox Internet Premier, Cox Internet Ultimate
  • Downstream Speeds: 5 Mbps, 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 100 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $34.99, $49.99, $61.99, $89.99
  • Features and Limitations: The entry level Internet package with Cox is much faster than the starting packages provided by the other ISPs in Mesa. Depending on the service tier, subscribers can also receive Spam Blocker software and additional Webmail accounts.

Verizon (High Speed DSL)

  • Service Areas: Availability based on residential address in Mesa
  • Service Tiers: High Speed Internet and High Speed Internet Enhanced
  • Downstream Speeds: 0.5 – 15 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $19.99 and $29.99 (One year minimum contract)
  • Features and Limitations: Verizon’s starting Internet service tier offers one of the lowest speeds of any ISP, which can severely affect browsing experiences.

AT&T (U-Verse)

  • Service Areas: Availability based on residential address in Mesa
  • Service Tiers: Pro, Elite, Max, Max Plus, Max Turbo, and Power
  • Downstream Speeds: 3 Mbps, 6 Mbps, 12 Mbps, 18 Mbps, 24 Mbps, and 45 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $29.95, $34.95, $44.95, $54.95, and $64.95
  • Features and Limitations: AT&T includes a wireless router and security software in their high speed Internet packages. However, their starting plan is quite pricey for extremely low downstream speeds, which also requires a minimum 12-month commitment.

T-Mobile (Mobile Internet)

  • Service Areas: 4G LTE coverage across Mesa
  • Service Tiers: 500 MB, 2.5 GB, 4.5 GB, 6.5 GB, 8.5 GB, and 10.5 GB
  • Downstream Speeds: 13.11 Mbps – 36.65 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, and $70
  • Features and Limitations: Users sacrifice Internet speeds for wireless mobility by using 4G LTE data plans. Connectivity may be intermittent, based on cell reception in your current location.

CenturyLink (Pure Broadband)

  • Service Areas: Some coverage based on residential address
  • Service Tiers: (Data Caps) 500 MB, 2.5 GB, 4.5 GB, 6.5 GB, 8.5 GB, 10.5 GB
  • Downstream Speeds:1.5 Mbps, 7 Mbps, 25 Mbps, and 40 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $29.95 – $60
  • Features and Limitations: The starting packages have speeds that pale in comparison to speedier ISPs in this area, such as Cox Communications. Internet subscriptions with CenturyLink include TV Online and 24/7 tech support.

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