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About Internet Service in Memphis

Home to three Fortune 500 companies (FedEx, AutoZone, and International Paper), Memphis is a major business hub of the Southeastern United States. As such, the city is more tech-savvy than most other major cities and towns in that region ― but in comparison to nationwide coverage, Internet access in Memphis is slower than average. The city’s large population and resistance to fiber technology are two primary factors behind this trend.

Memphis County Quick Facts

  • Total Area (sq miles): 295
  • Population: 639,756
  • Housing Units: 295,873
Memphis Education Levels Overall U.S. Education Levels
H.S. Graduates 78.4% 80.0%
Bachelor’s Degree 22.9% 24.8%
Memphis Resident Incomes Overall U.S. Incomes
Median Income $41,593 $58,283
Poverty Rate 20.4% 15.8%
Below $25k 35.4% 24.1%
$25k-$50k 36.3% 30.0%
$50k-$100k 24.1% 30.6%
$100k-$200k 8.6% 16.5%
$200k or more 2.4% 4.2%


Internet Access in Memphis

City Connectivity

DSL, cable, and wireless Internet are available to virtually every resident of Memphis. However, fiber technology is not accessible anywhere in the city. When this option becomes available to Memphis residents, look for the city’s downstream speed to rise significantly.

City Accessibility Rates Overall U.S. Rates
DSL 99.2% 89.7%
Fiber 0.0% 23.3%
Cable 98.4% 88.6%
Wireless 100.0% 99.0%


Internet Speed in Memphis

Tennessee places 19th among all southern states for downstream speed, second only to Virginia, which ranks #4. Memphis ranks third in the state in terms of IP addresses (despite having the highest population in Tennessee), and does not place within the 50 fastest cities in Tennessee in terms of downstream. That being said, Memphis residents download data at a rate that is just slightly lower than the national average.

  • Upload Speed: 5.11 Mbps
  • Download Speed: 20.34 Mbps
  • Source:

Memphis-Area Providers

According to the National Broadband Map, the following four ISPs are the leading broadband providers for Memphis residents. Other companies offer the same services within the city, but these ISPs have been omitted from our list either because their downstream speeds are too slow in Memphis, or they do not offer residential coverage.

For Memphis, the final list of ISPs looks like this:


  • Service Areas: Throughout Memphis
  • Service Tiers: Economy Plus, Performance Starter, Extreme 105
  • Downstream Speeds: 3 Mbps, 6 Mbps, 105 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $19.95, $49.95, $79.99
  • Features and Limitations: Comcast leads Memphis in downstream speed by a landslide, thanks to offers like the Extreme 105 package, which is equipped to download at a speed of up to 105 Mbps. Not surprisingly, this package is also the most expensive option for local residents ― but for households where multiple individuals simultaneously access the Web and download data, this might be the most cost-effective option.


  • Service Areas: Throughout Memphis, coverage and downstream speed depends on exact location
  • Service Tiers: Four plans determined by downstream speeds (see next entry)
  • Downstream Speeds: 768 Kbps, 1.5 Mbps, 3 Mbps, 6 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $19.95, $24.95, $29.95, $34.95
  • Features and Limitations: For most Memphis residents, AT&T will not be the most cost-effective service option. Customers pay $34.95 per month for a maximum downstream speed of 6 Mbps; Verizon’s top-tier package provides more than twice the speed at five dollars less per month.


  • Service Areas: Throughout Memphis, coverage and downstream speed depends on exact location
  • Service Tiers: High Speed Internet, High Speed Internet Enhanced
  • Downstream Speeds: 0.5 Mbps to 15 Mbps
  • Monthly Price: $19.99, $29.99
  • Features and Limitations: For individuals and families who do not require lightning-fast downstream speeds but still manage to download a large amount of data each month, Verizon’s packages are much cheaper ― and slower ― than comparable offerings from Comcast.


  • Service Areas: Throughout Memphis, coverage depends on exact residence
  • Service Tiers: (Data Caps) 500 MB, 2.5 GB, 4.5 GB, 6.5 GB, 8.5 GB, 10.5 GB
  • Downstream Speeds: All T-Mobile service plans include access to the 4G LTE Mobile Data Network, which is equipped for downstream speeds of roughly 15 to 20 Mbps.
  • Monthly Price: $20, $30, $40, $50, $60, $70
  • Features and Limitations: T-Mobile’s downstream speed is comparable to that of Verizon. However, monthly rates are determined by the amount of data downloaded per account, and exceeding the monthly cap will result in higher billing charges. This makes T-Mobile an impractical choice for households with multiple Internet users (since downloading will likely exceed the cap on a regular basis). On the other hand, individual users who download a lot of music, videos, and other media might find that T-Mobile is the best plan for them.

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