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About Internet Service in Massachusetts

There are various Internet Service Providers in the State of Massachusetts that offer fast and reliable Internet connections to residents and businesses. They also provide outstanding customer support in order to build relationship to their respective customers. The following are some of Internet Service Providers in Massachusetts together with the company description and services offered:

Ashdown Technologies

Ashdown Technologies acquired the Worldband’s Network Operations Center in 2009. This enables them to provide wide range of services to their existing customers and enhanced offerings to their newly acquired Worldband customers. Ashdown Technologies’ Network Operations Center is located in the same building of the office in Manchaug, MA. Their Internet pipe is connected to the Internet backbone via an OC-48 fiber –optic cable which is capable of providing commercial-quality bandwidth of up to 3,835 Gbps and ensures uninterrupted access to the Internet.


Shore.Net was founded in 1993 to provide Internet access to small businesses and individuals with their cheap internet deals. They are one of the Internet Service Providers in New England and the first regional provider to offer website hosting services. Shore.Net provides high-speed network connections to multiple Internet backbones such as Level 3 and Savvis. They have diverse fiber and microwave facilities to their building and offer up to 40Gbps wavelength services.

UltraNet Communications Inc

UltraNet Communications was based in Marlborough, Massachusetts and considered as one of New England’s premier Internet access providers.  Their Internet services plans are 5Mbps – $29.99 per month, 15Mbps – $39.999 per month, 25Mbps – $49.99 per month, and 60Mbps – $79.99 per month.

Community WISP Inc

Community WISP delivers custom wireless solutions for Broadband Internet connectivity, and secure business communications while deploying Motorola's Canopy wireless broadband platform. They are dedicated to provide secure, reliable, and cost effective solutions that easily scale to meet the customers’ needs. Wireless Broadband Internet access is their primary Internet service offering by Community WISP ranging from T1-100Mbps speeds.

Massachusetts Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Boston, Massachusetts 02101
  • Worcester, Massachusetts 01601
  • Springfield, Massachusetts 01101
  • Lowell, Massachusetts 01850
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
  • Brockton, Massachusetts 02301
  • New Bedford, Massachusetts 02740
  • Fall River, Massachusetts 02720
  • Lynn, Massachusetts 01901
  • Quincy, Massachusetts 02169