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About Internet Service in Kansas

Kansas is considered by many to be the birthplace of eGovernment. The Information Network of Kansas Inc. (INK) was created in 1990 and provided the State's first online service in 1991 through email subscriptions. Then in 1994, INK offered a wide range of electronic services which included legislative legal, banking and educational services. INK officially launched the State of Kansas website in January 1995. The new portal for the state was launched in 2000 then it was redesigned and renamed to Kansas.gov in 2005. The State of Kansas had launched a wide variety of web applications in order to assist the needs and wants of Kansans. The State received multiple awards including the 2008 Digital State Survey which made them number 1.

The State of Kansas is continuing to advance their website, applications, and infrastructure to further expand the services it offers electronically and 24×7 (round the clock). They introduced MyKansas as a cool way for visitors to kansas.gov to customize their experience on the site. They also continue to increase the number of ways people can easily interact with the government moving most applications, forms, etc. online.

There are a couple of Internet service providers in the State of Kansas we would like to feature and they are Craw-Kan and KansanNet. You can find a description of each as well as their product offerings below:

Craw-Kan is offering blazingly fast Internet speeds at unbeatable prices leading to a flat-out unbelievable value. They offer the following Internet services:

  • Quicknet DSL is Craw-Kan broadband solution. This broadband can be delivered to homes over their existing telephone lines with a speed of up to 1.2 megabits per second.
  • Residential Gateway offers both digital cable and high-speed Internet services.
  • Wireless Internet Access is Craw-Kan's high-speed Internet solution it has a coverage of 15 miles surrounding each wireless tower.
  • Dialup Internet Access can be any of the two available plans: email access only – $4.95 per month for three hours and premium access – $19.95 per month for unlimited access.

Another Internet provider in the State of Kansas is the KansasNet. KansasNet is a full-service Internet Service Provider which focuses on providing Kansas businesses, residents, and government agencies with high-quality Internet access and other Internet-based services at competitive prices. KansasNet offers different Internet services including 56k Dialup Internet Access, Broadband Internet Service and Dedicated High-Speed Internet connection.

Kansas Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Wichita, Kansas 67201
  • Overland Park, Kansas 66062
  • Kansas City, Kansas 66101
  • Topeka, Kansas 66601
  • Olathe, Kansas 66051
  • Lawrence, Kansas 66044
  • Shawnee, Kansas 66203
  • Salina, Kansas 67401
  • Manhattan, Kansas 66502
  • Hutchinson, Kansas 67501