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About Internet Service in Delaware

Delaware is geographically the second smallest State in the U.S. However, it ranks second in terms of the number of patents issued to companies or individuals. This is largely due to the favorable tax implications and ease with which companies can incorporate in Delaware. In fact, it is very common for companies located throughout the U.S. to be incorporated in the State of Delaware. No matter how you slice it, they have done a GREAT job of supporting businesses and their incorporation needs.

Another great aspect of Delaware is the clear commitment to education with the University of Delaware offering a very broad range of degree programs like four (4) associate programs, one-hundred thirty seven (137) bachelor's programs, one-hundred seventeen (117) master's programs, fifty (50) doctoral programs and twelve (12) dual graduate programs. The University of Delaware is well known for producing high quality technology graduates that have helped to build the technology infrastructure of the area and the nation.

Comcast has a very important role in providing cable and Internet packages to residents and businesses throughout Delaware. They cover pretty much the entire State (granted it is pretty small), but it's nice to have consistent coverage as you move about the State for sure. Like in other areas of the country, Comcast is committed to providing high quality Internet services and customer service that is simply second to none.

Comcast Delaware also innovates in the area of marketing providing customers with frequent incentives to sign up with them and/or to upgrade their services. While this is common in most industries, it is not as common with ISP's, telephone companies, or cable companies. An example of a recent promotion was the creation of a high speed Internet package for $19.99 per month for the first six months that included 12Mbps speeds with a powerboost up to 15Mbps. Now, that's some screaming fast Internet (especially for cable Internet services).

Comcast though isn't the only Internet service provider in Delaware. There are several smaller, regional providers in the State as well. For instance DCANet is a solid ISP that is based out of Wilmington, DE. They service the Delaware Valley with products like Dial Up, DSL, T1’s, and several fiber optic speeds and packages (aka, they are a full service ISP).

Whether you are looking for cable Internet packages, phone Internet packages, wireless Internet packages, or satllite Internet service, you can get any of them in the great State of Delaware which while it is small in size, it's a major hotbed of activity for businesses throughout the U.S.

Delaware Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Wilmington, Delaware 19801
  • Dover, Delaware 19901
  • Newark, Delaware 19702
  • Pike Creek, Delaware 19808
  • Bear, Delaware 19701
  • Brookside, Delaware 19713
  • Hockessin, Delaware 19707
  • Glasgow, Delaware 19702
  • Claymont, Delaware 19703
  • North Star, Delaware 19711