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About Internet Service in Arizona

The government of Arizona provides various services to all citizens of the state as well as information about the government itself, licensing, and education, and most especially about starting a business. Their assistance to businesses covers the following categories:

  1. Starting a Business for Dummies
  2. General Questions on Doing Business with the State
  3. Financial and Tax Consulting
  4. Advice on State Laws and Regulations
  5. Requirements for Consumer Services
  6. Self Employment Laws and Taxes
  7. Necessary Permits and Licenses
  8. General Innovation and Business Internet Services

The State government and in particular the Arizona Commerce Authority, assists business owners and entrepreneurs in both an innovative and technological way. Their mission is to create vibrant communities creating a globally competitive Arizona that's why they give so much assistance to all businesses. The program on "Innovation and Global Business Development" promotes the State as a premier location for business expansion and location. It also promotes inward investment and provides resource assistance to growing businesses. Here are som additional programs offered to high-tech companies:

  1. Arizona Innovation Accelerator Programs
  2. E-Resource Center
  3. Financial Resources
  4. One-on-One Consulting
  5. Networking Opportunities
  6. High-tech Research Reports
  7. A-Z Business Directories
  8. Other Initiatives

Since many high-technology companies are more comfortable doing business online, a website was developed to extend their services and began providing all of these resources. Therefore, fast and reliable Internet connections are important among all businesses as well as in the government.

There are many Internet Service Providers available within the state of Arizona. They differ with the coverage area and quality of services as well as the Internet packages they offer to all customers. The government and businesses/companies just have to subscribe with the best and appropriate service and package to them.

  1. Convergent Internet Solutions
  2. Cybertrails
  3. DakotaCom.Net
  4. Deru Internet Services
  5. Extreme Internet
  6. FastQ Communications
  7. GetNet, Inc.
  8. Aspect1 Internet Service
  9. Interwrx
  10. Opus One DSL Service
  11. Phoenix Internet

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