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About Internet Service in Alaska

Alaska is the considered as the largest state in United States (US) of America with a land area of 586, 412 square miles. But then when it comes with population density, Alaska remains the least densely populated state of the US in 2009. However, the needs in Internet technology throughout the state are still increasing. There are eGovernment site and other online services, online education materials, communications, and other related and important issues in Internet. In line with this matter, there are fast and reliable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) located within the vicinity of the State of Alaska which serves different boroughs of the state. Some of these ISPs are listed below.

  1. SpitwSpot is Homer, Alaska's premier wireless Internet service provider that offers simple, convenient, and secure services. SpitwSpot goal is to provide a complete and convenient solution to everyone living in the Homer area by creating their so-called "Insanely Great" network. They define "Insanely Great" network as follows:
    1. A network that allows wireless customers to access the Internet through a single account regardless of their location.
    2. A network that implements value added services such as Intranet connectivity and local gaming communities.
    3. A network that provides Internet services to public for free by utilizing advertising space to pay for bandwidth cost while other high-speed and dedicated bandwidth are selling for subscriptions.

    SpitwSpot offers the following Internet services packages:

    1. Standard Subscriptions for Wireless Internet that ranges between 1Mb to 3Mb speeds.
    2. Premium Subscriptions for Wireless Internet that offers different plan packages from one to three years of contract.
    3. Wireless Internet Advertising which is $48 per month.
    4. Business Class Wireless Internet.
    5. Residential Class Wireless Internet.
    6. Marine Wireless Internet Kit.
    7. Road Warrior Wireless Internet Kit.
  2. is Ketchikan, Alaska's premier Internet service provider which offers many levels of blazing fast Internet services. All of their Internet features include the following:
    1. Free Installation
    2. Free email accounts
    3. Unlimited download periods
    4. Spam blocking
    5. Free technical support offers a wide range of Internet services to meet the customers' needs. The following are the available Internet services in

    1. Premium DSL Services offers the fastest Internet connection in Ketchikan. Match the DSL Service that best meets the Internet usage. Price starts at $49.95/month for residential and $59.95/month for business use. There are also optional additional add-on features.
    2. DSL Lite is a cost efficient and alternative to Premium DSL having high-speed Internet at low price. Price starts for as low as $24.95 per month.
    3. Dialup Service features fast, affordable and reliable 56k connections for customers who only require casual Internet use. The Dialup Service packages are Bronze which is $12.95/month, Silver which is $14.95/month and Gold which is $17.95/month.
  3. Alaska Communications' headquarters is located in Anchorage, Alaska which serves the fastest growing segment of users, data dependent consumers and enterprises. They provide some personal Internet services which include Wireless Plans, Mobile Broadband and Home Internet packages.

Alaska Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Anchorage, Alaska 99501
  • Fairbanks North Star, Alaska 99706
  • Matanuska Susitna, Alaska 99629
  • Juneau, Alaska 99801
  • Kenai Peninsula, Alaska 99635
  • Ketchikan Gateway, Alaska
  • Kodiak Island, Alaska
  • Sitka, Alaska 99835
  • Valdez Cordova
  • Southeast Fairbanks, Alaska 99732