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About Internet Service in Alabama

Alabama was located in the southeast region of United States of America. The name Alabama was the name of a noted southern Indian tribe whose habitat was first known in Europeans and now in the central of the state. In early records, Alabama was spelled in various ways such as Albama, Alebamon, Alibama and Alabamu.

Alabama does not have any official name at all. It was first then referred as “the Heart of Dixie” and since 1950, that phrase was appeared on all state vehicle licensed plates. In 2002, another phrase was become popular in Alabama and was also appeared on state licensed plates. It was “Stars Fell on Alabama”. There was fantastic meteor shower across the Southeast of US way back in 1833. Though it seems that it happened long time ago still it brings excitement across the state. The phrase was became the state folklore and used for date events.

The state’s total land area was in 30th rank and placed 2nd in its inland waterways. Then in 2009, the Alabama state was ranked 23rd in population with 4.7 million residents. For Alabama fast growing communities, there were also different businesses to supply the people needs and wants.

The Internet as you might expect is used everywhere in Alabama. It serves as critical technology to all businesses and individuals in Alabama. There are lots of internet service providers in the state and one of these is the HiWAAY Internet Access.

HiWAAY is located at Drake Avenue Suite, Huntsville, AL, USA and provide an excellent customer service in Internet service of an individual, a small company or a large one. It provides three major services:

  1. Reliable and Fast Internet Service- HiWAAY has a high-speed multi-backbone network that gives customers direct route to the core of the Internet for a reliable connection.
  2. Customer Support – HiWAAY has knowledgeable and friendly support staff to assist all issues and other concern of customers regarding the Internet services.
  3. Solutions That Fit – There are different individual and business solutions available at HiWAAY.
    1. Dial-up Internet service with up to 56Kbps
    2. High-speed DSL with up to 6Mbps
    3. Internet service complete package – ISDN, T1/Fractional T1, Dedicated Analog, and Metro Ethernet.

HiWAAY serves Alabama since 1995 and consistently leading the way with solid, reliable Internet technology to the state homes and businesses.

Since Alabama has a lot of rural areas, satellite Internet service is also commonly used to bring high-quality Internet services to the various small towns and farming communities throughout Alabama.

Alabama Top Ten Cities & Zip Codes

  • Birmingham, Alabama 35201
  • Montgomery, Alabama 36101
  • Mobile, Alabama 36601
  • Huntsville, Alabama 35801
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
  • Hoover, Alabama 35216
  • Dothan, Alabama 36301
  • Decatur, Alabama 35601
  • Auburn, Alabama 36830
  • Gadsden, Alabama 35901