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  • Qwest Heavy Duty Internet Enjoy some of the fastest download speeds available with high-speed Internet delivered over Qwest's advanced fiber optic network.

    • Download speeds up to 40Mbps
    • Qwest @Ease with online backup, 24/7 support services and security from Norton™ AntiVirus Online.
    • 30 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Qwest Heavy Duty Internet starting at $19.99 /mo. for 6 months

    qwest bundles
  • U-verse High-Speed Internet U-verse Internet provides amazing speed, and the security you need combined with built in wireless home networking.

    • Download speeds up to 24Mbps
    • AT&T WiFi, and AT&T Mail Plus included with up to 10 email addresses
    • AT&T Internet Security Suite with McAfee® for anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection, plus parental controls, and Pop-up Catcher.
  • U-verse Internet starting at $55 /mo.

    at&t bundles
  • FiOS® High-Speed Internet Verizon is the only major network to deliver fast Internet over 100% pure fiber optics direct to your home to combine blazing fast speeds, plus reliability.

    • Download speeds up to 50Mbps
    • Verizon email, 24/7 support, and Verizon WiFi (with select plans) included
    • Internet Security Suite, Expert Care, and Online Backup and Sharing for additional fee
  • FiOS® High-Speed Internet starting at $49.99 /mo $54.99 /mo without phone

    verizon bundles

Information Base

Welcome to the fiber optic Internet service information base. In this section we'll share with you more detailed information about fiber optic Internet service, and providers in addition to helpful tips, and articles about fiber optics in relation to Internet services.

Fiber Optic Internet Providers

There is currently only one fiber optic Internet provider (FiOS) that delivers high-speed Internet directly to your home via fiber optic cables. Other fiber optic Internet providers currently deliver fiber optic internet service over a fiber network, but use copper to connect your home to the "last mile". The largest fiber optic internet providers in the U.S. are Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse, and Qwest Heavy Duty Internet.

Fiber Optic Internet Speed

Internet service delivered over fiber optic cable is extremly fast with download speeds up to a whopping 50Mbps, and even faster in some areas with some fiber optic Internet networks capable of speeds of 100Mbps. In general anything over 12Mbps download speeds may be a fiber connection as opposed to DSL. Fiber optic Internet service provides some of the fastest download, and upload speeds available for the home today.

Fiber Optic Internet Providers in My Area

Since fiber optic internet service is fairly new, it is not available everywhere. If you've used a search engine to look for "fiber optic Internet providers in my area", you'll be able to see first if it's available, and secondly compare available fiber optic internet plans, speeds, and prices. Many providers are expanding their fiber optic networks, so you may see fiber optic Internet services available in your zipcode, or at your service address sometime in the near future.

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