• Cable Internet Providers

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  • Comcast High-Speed Internet Enjoy some of the fastest download speeds available over Comcast's advanced fiber optic network, plus extra features like up to 7 email accounts with 10 GB of storage, comprehesnsive security tools, and comcast.net to share photos, listen to music, play games, and shop online.

    • Blazing speeds up to 12Mbps, and up to 15Mbps with Powerboost®
    • Up to 7 email accounts with 10GB of storage each
    • Comprehensive security suite with virus scan, firewall, and privacy protection, plus parental controls
  • Comcast High-Speed Internet as low as $19.99 /mo. for 6 months

    comcast bundles
  • Charter Internet™ An always on connection with blazing speeds for downloading movies, and music fast.

    • Download speeds up to 12Mbps
    • Up to 10 personalized email addresses
    • Charter Security Suite™ with antivirus, and firewall protection
  • Charter Internet™ Express as low as $19.99 /mo. for 3 months

    charter bundles
  • COX High Speed Internet Fast, reliable, and affordable connection that's always on. Enjoy email with SpamBlocker, and other advanced tools, plus McAfee® for safer internet browsing.

    • Download speeds up to 15Mbps, and 20Mbps with Powerboost®
    • Up to 10 email addresses with SpamBlocker
    • COX Security Suite with McAfee® with parental controls, firewall, pop-up blocker, and anti-phishing
  • COX High Speed Internet Essentials as low as $19.99 /mo. for 3 months

    cox bundles
  • Suddenlink High Speed Internet with fast speeds for surfing the web, checking email, and downloading media.

    • Download speeds up to 8Mbps
    • Up to 10 email accounts with 2 GB of storage
    • Free McAfee® protection for web and email with select Internet packages, plus parental controls
  • Suddenlink Internet starting at $45 /mo.

    sudden link bundles
  • Optimum Online® high-speed cable broadband internet with blazing fast speeds that are up to 5 times faster than phone company high speed Internet.

    • Download speeds up to 15Mbps, or 30Mbps with Optimum Online Boost
    • Optimum Online® Security for protection against hackers, spyware, viruses, spam and bad web sites
  • Optimum Online® as low as $29.95 /mo for 12 mos. when combined with phone, and TV

    optimum bundles
  • DSL Internet Providers

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  • Verizon High-Speed Internet Get high-speed Internet without breaking your budget with consistently fast speeds up to 10 to 15 Mbps with 24/7 phone support to help keep you connected.

    • Download speeds 10 to 15Mbps
    • Free email, WiFi (with select plans), and personal web space
    • Internet security suite, Expert care, plus Backup and sharing for additional monthly fee
  • Verizon Internet starting at $19.99 /mo (768Kbps to 1Mbps) With one-year agreement. Plus taxes and fees. $29.99 without phone

    verizon bundles
  • AT&T High-Speed Internet Fast, reliable, and secure high-speed Internet from the nation's largest broadband provider.

    • Download speeds up to 6 Mbps
    • AT&T WiFi Basic included (with select plans), up to 11 email accounts, online photo and video storage
    • AT&T Internet Security Suite - powered by McAfee® included
  • Choose any speed starting at $14.95 /mo. for 12 months & term agreement

    at&t bundles
  • CenturyLink High-Speed Internet A connection that's 100% yours 100% of the time with a direct connection so you won't get slowed down during peak hours, and superior customer support.

    • Download speeds up to 10Mbps
    • Add-Ons - Digital Music Store, PC Security Suite, PC Backup, PC Protection Plan (additional monthly fee)
  • CenturyLink High-Speed Internet starting at $29.95 /mo.

    centurylink bundles
  • Greenstreak High-speed Internet From Windstream with fast, and reliable high-speed Internet for surfing the web, downloading music, and streaming video.

    • Download speeds up to 12Mbps
    • Up to 5 free email addresses with 1GB storage each
    • Windstream Security Suite available for additional monthly fee
  • Windstream High-Speed Internet Starting at $39.99 /mo

    windstream bundles
  • Qwest Heavy Duty Internet Get the right Internet speed at the right price delivered over Qwest's fiber optic network.

    • Download speeds up to 40Mbps
    • Qwest @Ease with online backup, 24/7 support services and security from Norton™ AntiVirus Online.
    • 30 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Choose any speed for $19.99 /mo, plus free activation for 6 months

    qwest bundles
  • Fiber Optic Internet Providers

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  • FiOS® High-Speed Internet Verizon is the only major network to deliver fast Internet over 100% pure fiber optics direct to your home to combine blazing fast speeds, plus reliability.

    • Download speeds up to 50Mbps
    • Verizon email, 24/7 support, and Verizon WiFi (with select plans) included
    • Internet Security Suite, Expert Care, and Online Backup and Sharing for additional fee
  • FiOS® High-Speed Internet starting at $49.99 /mo $54.99 /mo without phone

    verizon bundles
  • U-verse High-Speed Internet U-verse Internet provides amazing speed, and the security you need combined with built in wireless home networking.

    • Download speeds up to 24Mbps
    • AT&T WiFi, and AT&T Mail Plus included with up to 10 email addresses
    • AT&T Internet Security Suite with McAfee® for anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection, plus parental controls, and Pop-up Catcher.
  • U-verse Internet starting at $55 /mo.

    at&t bundles
  • Qwest Heavy Duty Internet Enjoy some of the fastest download speeds available with high-speed Internet delivered over Qwest's advanced fiber optic network.

    • Download speeds up to 40Mbps
    • Qwest @Ease with online backup, 24/7 support services and security from Norton™ AntiVirus Online.
    • 30 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Qwest Heavy Duty Internet starting at $19.99 /mo. for 6 months

    qwest bundles

Information Base

Welcome to the high-speed Internet information base where you will find more detailed information about various types of high-speed Internet services, in addition to updated articles, and helpful tips.

High-Speed Internet

Also referred to as broadband, high-speed Internet is typically anything faster than a 56Kbps data connection, or dialup. Some common forms of high-speed Internet are cable Internet service, DSL (digital subscriber line), fiber optic Internet service, 3G, or 4G, mobile broadband, and WiMax which is high-speed Internet delivered over Wi-Fi.

High-Speed Internet in My Area

Let's face it. It does no good to shop for high-speed Internet from providers that don't service your address. If you've used Google, Yahoo, or Bing to search for "internet providers in my area", you're on the right track. These results will typically provide websites that make it possible to find Internet providers via zipcode search, entering your address, or both. This narrows down the providers, and makes it possible to get the most accurate price, and serviceability quote.

High-Speed Internet Providers

You may have only one, two, or a handful of high-speed Internet providers in your area depending on your location. Most well populated areas have a good mixture of mobile broadband, cable Internet, DSL, and even fiber optic Internet providers. Though there may be a good variety, there is typically only one company available for each type of high-speed Internet service.

High-Speed Internet Companies

There are very few companies that only offer high-speed Internet service, such as Earthlink. The other high-speed Internet companies are actually cable, and phone companies who offer high-speed Internet. AT&T, Verizon, and Qwest are all examples of phone companies who offer DSL Internet service, while Comcast, Charter, and COX are examples of cable companies that offer cable broadband Internet.

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