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Dial up Internet can still be useful in some situations, and may be one of the only choices for many Internet users, and that's why we can help you get dial up access from dial up Internet service providers for the best prices possible.

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Availability of Internet service, and exact pricing is location specific in terms of service address, and sometimes zipcode.

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Surf up to 5x faster than Basic Dial-Up, plus get free Norton? AntiVirus, email with spam/virus protection, pop-up blocker & more.

  • 5x faster than basic dial up
  • Free Norton Antivirus online
  • Free pop up blocker
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Enjoy unlimited dial-up Internet service, email with spam/virus protection, and more.

  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Web-Based Email with Spam/Virus Protection
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Get online with a reliable dial up connection with Copper.net for some of the best rates on dial up access.

  • 19x faster with Copper Accelerator
  • Includes 5 Email Accounts
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Information Base

Welcome to the information base for dial up Internet service providers and access. This section features more detailed information in regards to dial up Internet service.

Dial Up Internet
Dial Up Internet, sometimes spelled dialup Internet, or dial-up Internet is your basic 56 Kbps Internet connection where your phone line plugs into a dialup up modem, ussually located on the back of your desktop computer, or the side of your laptop. Since dial up uses your phone line to access the Internet you cannot make phone calls, or receive them while you’re online via a dial up connection. Many dial up providers have compensated for this by offering software that alerts you to incoming phone calls while you’re online. Most even have caller ID.
High Speed Dial Up Internet
Using the phrase high-Speed in conjunction with dial up Internet is a bit of a misnomer for several reasons. First, regardless of the provider, no dial up Internet service is high-speed. In fact if you see this mentioned on dial provider websites you might notice many of them spell it HiSpeed. Some dial up providers do offer software you can download to your computer that will speed up your web browsing by using cache technology, but it will not speed up your acctual connection at all.
Alternatives to Dial Up Internet
If all you’re using the internet for is surfing, or checking email, your probably fine using dial up Internet access, but if you want faster speeds, and the ability to stream media, use your phone while on the Internet, or have a wireless home Internet connection, you’re going to need broadband. Unfortunately many dial up users have dial up simply because that’s all that’s available for their address. There are a couple alternatives though. Alternative one is to use your cellular provider mobile broadband plan with a smartphone with wireless hotspot capabilities, or get a wireless hotspot from your mobile provider. Of course this won’t work if you don’t have a mobile data plan, or smart phone. The other alternative to dial up is satellite Internet service. This gives you a true broadband connection, and is available almost anywhere normal broadband providers don’t reach.