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Bundle Internet service with TV, bundle Internet with phone, or bundle all three and save on Internet bundled package deals for triple play, and double play bundles from providers in your area.

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Availability of Internet service, and exact pricing is location specific in terms of service address, and sometimes zipcode.

By entering your information we can narrow down just those Internet service providers in your area, which allows you to compare accurate rates based on Internet service providers for your exact location. Your information is safe, and will never be used in any way inconsistent with our privacy policy.

Cable Providers Features Deals & Pricing
logo-small Comcast Bundles

Bundle Comcast Internet with TV, phone, or all three with the Comcast Triple Play package.

  • Comcast High-Speed Internet
  • Comcast Digital Voice®
  • Comcast Digital Cable
Comcast Triple Play starting at $99 /mo. for 1 year Learn more »
logo-small The Charter Bundle®

Save a bundle when you order The Chart Bundle® with Charter TV, Charter Internet, and phone.

  • Charter Internet
  • Charter TV
  • Phone Unlimited
The Charter Bundle® starting at $69.97 /mo. for 12 months Learn more »
logo-small COX Bundles

Get high-speed Internet, digital TV, and home phone on one low monthly bill from COX.

  • COX High-Speed Internet
  • COX Digital TV
  • COX Digital Phone
COX Triple Play starting at $99.99 /mo for 3 months Learn more »
logo-small Suddenlink Bundles

Save on Suddenlink phone, TV, and Internet when you bundle Suddenlink High-speed Internet with Digital TV and phone.

  • Suddenlink High-Speed Internet
  • Suddenlink Digital TV
  • Suddenlink Digital Phone
Suddenlink Triple Play as low as $105 /mo. Learn more »
logo-small Optimum Bundles

Bundle all three services with Optimum to get phone, TV, and Internet for under $30 /mo. each!

  • Optimum Online
  • ioTV
  • Optimum Voice
Optimum Triple Play as low as $29.95 /mo for each service for the 1st year Learn more »
DSL Providers Features Deals & Pricing
logo-small Verizon Bundles

Bundle Verizon high-Speed Internet, and home phone for $5 off per /mo. for two years. A savings of $120.

  • Verizon High-Speed Internet
  • Verizon Freedom Value
Verizon Double Play starting at $49.99 /mo. With agreement. Plus taxes and fees. Learn more »
logo-small AT&T Bundles

Get AT&T high-Speed Internet, plus home phone with unlimited calling for one low rate.

  • AT&T High-Speed Internet
  • AT&T Unlimited home phone
AT&T Double Play starting at $45.95 /mo. for first 12 months Learn more »
logo-small CenturyLink Bundles

Save on CenturyLink High-Speed Internet and home phone service when you bundle CenturyLink phone and Internet.

  • CenturyLink High-Speed Internet
  • CenturyLink Home Phone Unlimited
CenturyLink Bundles starting at $59.90 /mo. for first 12 months Learn more »
logo-small Windstream Bundles

Enjoy three great services, and one low bill with Windstream High-Speed Internet, home phone, and Dish Network Satellite TV.

  • Windtstream High-Speed Internet
  • Windstream Home Phone
  • Dish Network Satellite TV
Windstream Triple Play starting at $89.99 /mo Learn more »
logo-small Qwest® Bundles

Get all three services from Qwest® including high-speed Internet, home phone, and DirecTV® satellite TV for one low bundled price.

  • Qwest® Heavy? Duty Internet
  • Qwest® Home Phone Unlimited
  • DirecTV® Choice Ultimate?
Qwest® Triple Play as low as $89.99 /mo. for 6 months Learn more »
Fiberoptic Providers Features Deals & Pricing
logo-small Verizon FiOS® Bundles

Experience Verizon FiOS® Internet, and Verizon FiOS® TV over Verizon's fiber optic network, plus add home phone for the ultimate triple play.

  • Verizon FiOS® Internet
  • Verizon Freedom Essentials Home Phone
  • Verizon FiOS® TV
Verizon FiOS® Triple Play starting at $99.99 /mo For one year. Plus taxes and fees Learn more »
logo-small AT&T U-verse Bundles

Get high-speed Internet, and TV over AT&T's advanced fiber optic network, plus add AT&T home phone service and save with an AT&T Triple Play.

  • AT&T U-verse Internet
  • AT&T Home Phone
  • AT&T U-verse TV
AT&T U-verse Triple Play starting at $89 /mo. for 12 months Learn more »

Information Base

Welcome to the Internet bundles information base, and thanks for visiting. We hope you’ll find this section helpful, as we’ve added additional information, tips, and ideas about bundling Internet services with TV and phone.

Cable and Internet
When we think of cable, we think of TV, but now cable providers offer high-speed Internet that you can bundle with cable TV service. Bundle cable and Internet together for a cable double play bundle, or you might want to add digital home phone service, also provided by the cable company for a low cost cable TV, Internet, and phone triple play bundle.
Internet and TV
You can bundle Internet with TV service, but depending on who you choose as your service provider you may need a triple play to get both services on the same bill. For example, with cable providers you can easily bundle just Internet and TV, and the same holds true for fiber optic providers like FiOS, or U-verse, but if you plan to get satellite TV you’ll need to bundle your services through a DSL provider like Qwest, AT&T, or Verizon, since Dish Network, and DirecTV currently do not have Internet services of their own. While in some cases it may be possible to get just DSL with satellite TV, many DSL providers also require phone service for bundled pricing.
Internet and Phone
Did you know that most advertised DSL prices factor in having phone service on the same bill? If you get DSL with no phone service it’s likely you’re going to pay a little extra for Internet, so you’re better off just to bundle Internet and phone through a DSL provider. You may be able to get phone service with Internet from a cable provider as well, but phone service from a cable company is not landline. It’s a digital phone service that works in much the same way landline does, but there are some key difference you may want to research before deciding on a phone plan from a cable provider.
Internet Bundles
Most Internet providers are first cable, or phone companies. I mention this, because if you’re looking for an Internet bundle you’ll want to view packages available from your cable, or phone provider. There are a some exceptions such as Clear which is a WiMax provider that also offers phone service, but companies like this are rare. If you bundle through a phone company you’ll have a choice of DSL, or fiber optic Internet in some cases, but mostly DSL. You can expect DSL speeds to top out around 12 Mbps. If you bundle through a cable company you’ll get cable broadband which you can expect to top out around 15 Mbps. Higher speeds are becoming increasingly available through both provider types, such as up to 50 Mbps for fiber optic, and the same for wideband cable Internet. With an Internet bundle from your phone provider you can get DSL, satellite TV, and home phone, or fiber optic TV, Internet, and home phone, where home phone is typically landline, but can sometimes be digital. Internet bundles through a cable company will include cable Internet, TV, and digital home phone service.