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  • 10 Comparisons Between Star Trek and Modern Technologies

    For those of us who were around to watch the original Star Trek series on television, we remember thinking how cool it would be to have some of the great gadgets they used. The future is now! Many of their ‘futuristic’ ideas have become available in some form, since then. Communicators to cell phones – …

  • 10 Ways ISP’s are Finding Bandwidth Hogs

    Describing a bandwidth hog is a matter of point-of-view and here is more to it than simple computations of amounts of usage. If someone uses a lot of bandwidth, but does so in off-peak hours, is that person any more of a hog than another user who uses less bandwidth but does so during peak …

  • 10 Country Songs About Internet Technology

    Country music has long had a love-hate relationship with technology. Country singers love cars, trucks and trains. Airplanes aren’t well regarded, and computers and cell phones are usually targets of ridicule. Country songs are usually a pretty good reflector of  America’s gut feelings.  Listed below are some selections that reference the internet directly, as well …

  • 10 Ways to Brown Nose Using FaceBook

    The existence of FaceBook as a widely available platform for interaction has given us the opportunity to find new ways to do old things. This includes the art of brown nosing, in both social and professional networks. Here are 10 ways to brown nose using FaceBook. Profile Alignment. Change all of your profile settings that …

  • 10 Scenarios Where I’d Pay $1000 to Access the Internet

    Access to the internet, on average, is less expensive than it was a few years ago, although there are notable exceptions. The fierce competition among providers served to put a virtual ceiling on rates to access a virtual world. Now, however, in tougher economic times providers are trying to come up with ways to maximize …

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