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  • 10 Technology Gadgets Linked to Cancer and Disease

    Fans of Star Trek have long been fascinated with the “technology” developed on the show, though skeptics of the day were often derisive in their reviews of the Star Trek vision. Modern medical science has come to the rescue of all Trekkies by bringing to the real world (the “real” real world) much that Kirk …

  • Compare a Game of Tag With Facebook (You are IT)

    The world of social networking can bear a striking resemblance to the playgrounds of our childhood. If you find yourself suffering from vague feelings of deja vu as you scan your news feed, these may be some of the reasons why. All the Cool Kids Are Playing – Suddenly, it seems like everyone in the …

  • 8 Ways iTunes has Changed the Music Industry

    Waves of audio innovation have periodically washed away older technologies and changed the way music is heard and made. Some classical composers had their creative urges stifled by political pressures, and everybody’s favorite bad guy, the Devil, has been charged with loading up various kinds of music with evil. Radio reached a broad spectrum of …

  • 10 Words that Describe My Home Internet Connection

    Boiling down the description of an internet connection to a single word means distilling thought and emotion to bare essences. It is much easier to convey negative feelings, which our language makes easy, with it’s plethora of interjections. Good feelings, on the other hand, are more difficult to express. Below are some examples of terse …

  • 10 Ways to Cuss Without Cussing on Twitter

    SMS or text-speak has been continually increasing its bounds since Twitter appeared on the scene with its limit of 140 characters per tweet. Since tweets are never totally private, means to keep twitter language free of cuss words are being used to avoid offense or censorship. Here are ten ways that people manage to ‘cuss …

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