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  • 10 Ways to Expose Yourself on Twitter

    The word “expose” can mean many things. For each definition, there’s a way to apply it the social networking giant Twitter; from deliberate admittance to an accidental slip. The format makes it simple to expose yourself, one hundred and forty characters at a time. Self-Promotion – One of the most important things an aspiring artist …

  • 10 Reasons I Wish Every Airplane had WiFi

    The number of airlines offering WiFi service on select planes has grown exponentially, but it certainly hasn’t become an industry standard. For those who spend a significant amount of time in the air, there are definite advantages to a hotspot aircraft; here are ten of the reasons I wish the service was offered on every …

  • 10 Reasons Lots of Websites Violate SOPA and Don’t Know It

    If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve at least heard of SOPA. Detractors have compared the bill to censorship policies in countries such as China, Iran and Syria; the grassroots effort to stop it have been massive. Administrators from some of the largest sites in the world have publicly opposed the measure for many …

  • 10 Search Engines That Don’t Start with a G, B, or Y

    In the world of online search engines, most people stop with the Big Three. Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search are indisputably the most widely used. For those who like to run off the beaten path or march to the beat of their own search engine, here are ten alternatives to consider the next time you …

  • 10 Tips for Getting a Deal on Business Internet Service

    Businesses that rely on an internet connection to get the job done can’t afford to contract with a sub-par bargain provider due to network unreliability and often slow connection speeds. However, a package with all the bells and whistles can get pricey. These tips can help you keep your bottom line healthy.  Keep An Eye …

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