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  • Is There Truly a Way to Delete a Twitter Account?

    Depending on your reasons for considering the deletion of your Twitter account, there may be less drastic options available. If you’re simply ready for a new username, changing the handle on your existing account or the connected email address is quite simple. For those with privacy concerns, a Twitter account can very easily be locked, …

  • 10 Famous Speeches and How They’d Look on Twitter

    Have you ever noticed that most of history’s greatest speeches are, shall we say, rather longish? It would be nice if we could find a Reader’s Digest condensed version of them, something that summed up the message in just a few words. Well, then why not 140 characters, we say. Here are 10 famous speeches …

  • 10 Technical Terms That Sound Dirty

    Sometimes we can’t help but wonder if those tech geeks sit around and create terms just to be naughty in their own nerdy kind of way. After all, how else do you account for some of the names they’ve given us for common technical terms? Don’t believe us? Try these on for size – 10 …

  • 10 Ways iPads are Used in Schools

    The power and portability of Apple’s iPad line have been catching the attention of progressive educators; some schools have actually begun distributing the devices to students and making them a major part of the curriculum. Here are ten of the ways that the iPad is making waves in the modern classroom. To Replace Textbooks – …

  • Is There Truly a Way to Delete a Facebook Account?

    As social media continues to become more deeply integrated into our everyday lives, we are slowly becoming more aware of the fact that using social media carelessly doesn’t only affect our online lives. When you start thinking about how it can also impact our offline lives the idea of completely erasing a Facebook footprint starts …

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