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  • 10 Lessons You Can Learn from a Pinterest Spammer

    What do you think of when you think of spamming?  No, I’m not talking about the meat product that comes in a can, although I do kind of like that Spam.  You may think that a spammer sends a bunch of junk e-mail to your in-box, but what if I tell you there’s another kind?  …

  • 10 Different Ways to Play Roulette on the Web

    The popular classic casino game Roulette has broken out of the casinos and moved into the online world, becoming a hit among internet gamers. Its simplicity and the James Bond-cool cache have made it a web fan favorite. Variations in form, game rules, and betting odds can be found throughout the internet. We’ll take a …

  • 10 Ugly Truths Twitter Tells Us About Ourselves

    We hate to be the tweeter of bad news, but there is some downside to all this time we’ve been spending on social networking sites. Not that you didn’t already have your own suspicions, but it’s probably best that we get this out in the open once and for all, so here goes. The following …

  • 10 Ways People Use FaceBook to Spy on Others

    You would think that when it comes to social media sites like Facebook, the people who use them are, well, socializing, right? Well, apparently not everyone is in a particularly social mood when they log in. Here are 10 ways that people use Facebook to spy on others: Checking Out Their Profile – Unless your …

  • 10 Signs Your Online Social Status is Climbing

    You’ve been working hard to increase your online status, but you have no idea if your work is paying off. If you need a reliable barometer to measure your juice with your the ‘net crowd, some reliable indicator that you have at last arrived, look no further. Here are ten concrete signs that your online …

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