10 Ugly Truths Twitter Tells Us About Ourselves

We hate to be the tweeter of bad news, but there is some downside to all this time we’ve been spending on social networking sites. Not that you didn’t already have your own suspicions, but it’s probably best that we get this out in the open once and for all, so here goes. The following are 10 ugly truths that twitter tells us about ourselves:

  1. We Are Voyeuristic – If Twitter tells us nothing else, it plainly demonstrates our incessant need to peer into the lives of others. We just can’t seem to get enough of what’s going on in the lives of complete strangers.
  2. We Prefer Superficial Interaction – Social media permit us to interact with people without geographical limits. Yet, we tend to use these same media to correspond locally as well. We’ve developed a taste for keeping our relationships at a distance, it seems.
  3. We Are Stalkers – At some level, we all seem to have a fascination with celebrity. Given the ability to correspond with famous people, we hang on their every tweet. Doesn’t seem to matter how outlandish their comments, we just eat them up.
  4. We Have Poor Time Management – So maybe we manage to get our work done, maybe not. There’s no denying, though, that we could be spending our time a lot more wisely and productively if we weren’t logged in so much of the day.
  5. We Are Our Avatars – The great thing about creating a profile on social websites is, well, creating a profile. There’s an undeniably gratifying element to this ability to define ourselves according to our own self-image, or even fantasy. We get to choose who we are and present that image to the world.
  6. We Have Less to Say Than We Thought – For all the time we spend online, consider how much of it is spent posting re-tweets, quotations, and links; not one word of any of them our own thoughts or feelings. If someone gave you just 140 characters with which to speak your mind, why would you choose to quote someone else?
  7. We Crave Attention – It might just be that what we have to say matters less than that we are heard at all. Think of that sense of relevance you feel whenever your tweets are retweeted. And all you shared was a link to an article about J.K. Rowling’s new book.
  8. We Want Followers – Popularity, a messianic complex, or maybe just lots of loyal customers. We’ve a need for our minions, haven’t we? It’s not like humans couldn’t find self-worth or financial success before Twitter, so there’s something more at work here.
  9. We Value Brevity Over Substance – The most popular tweets are the kind that are pithy, and require little thought. Sort of like bumper stickers. Twitter encourages a jingoistic form of communication.
  10. The Bottom Line – When you add it all up, it’s undeniable: We haven’t much to say and spend entirely too much time saying it. The inescapable conclusion is that we have no lives.

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