10 Ugly Truths Facebook Tells Us About Ourselves

There’s a lot to be said for maintaining some moderation, and preserving a little bit of mystery. Some say that too much of a good thing is bad for you; others claim there’s no such thing. Where you stand on such issues will no doubt influence how you feel about these next observations about social networking, specifically Facebook. Here are 10 ugly truths that Facebook tells us about ourselves:

  1. There Is No Such Thing As Privacy – Despite our best efforts to maintain privacy, our lives are an open book. The only difference is whether we open the book ourselves for others to see, or tuck it on a shelf until a time when someone finds it and helps themselves.
  2. We Measure Our Worth In ‘Likes’ – We post videos, photos, or links in search of approval from both friends and acquaintances, whether we outwardly admit it or not. If it weren’t so, why would we do these things publicly?
  3. We Gotta Have Friends – Friendships are true treasures, don’t get us wrong. In real life. Gathering friends online whom we have no intention of ever meeting or getting intimate with in any meaningful way suggests a need for validation, and nothing more.
  4. We Love From A Distance – We don’t know about you, but it’s a lot easier to get along with family when we just have to post updates to them a couple of times a day. Nice, neat, and tidy, with the option to log off whenever we’ve had enough.
  5. We Hold Grudges – We’ll explain: Think of some of those folks from your hometown, people you knew during your childhood with whom you weren’t even friends with back then, much less now, some twenty years later. Yet here you are sharing photos of your family vacation, weddings, and swimming pool, as if to say, “See? Despite your opinions of me, my life has been a success. Suck on that.” C’mon, you know it’s true.
  6. All Friends Are Not Created Equally – Nothing drives this point home more clearly than tagged photos. You know what we mean. That birthday party photo of you, Christine, Dave, and who’s that girl next to you? Oh, guess she doesn’t count. ‘Nuff said.
  7. We’re Music Snobs – There is something entirely too satisfying about sharing an obscure music video on our wall that we’re sure no one else had heard of before. It’s just one more proof that we are oh-so-sophisticated and unique.
  8. Self-Editing Is Not Our Strong Suit – Give us an online diary where we can vent our spleens, and sure as shootin’, that’s what we’ll do. All day. Anytime, day or night, Drunk or sober. When that blank box stares back at us, asking, “What’s on your mind?” we just have to oblige.
  9. Our Friends Groups Are Revealing – Facebook ‘friends’ groups are an illustration of our social priorities, a graphic representation of who and what is important to us. Something we might not otherwise have expressed so plainly.
  10. The More Social We Get, The More Anti-Social We Become – So much of our contact with people in our lives is done via Facebook, to the point that it often replaces in-person connections. If you spend enough time on Facebook, you can grow weary of socializing – without ever having actually seen anyone all day.

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