10 Technologies Gilligan Could Have Used on the Island

If only they’d known that their three-hour tour would last for three seasons plus five decades of syndication. And if only they could have gotten their hands on some 21st century gizmos. Our favorite stranded castaways may have made it back in time to catch The Flintstones. Then again, we would have missed out on their zany attempts to get off that island.

Here are 10 technologies that could have changed TV history, which Gilligan could have used on the Island:

  1. Sat Phones – Satellite phones would have come in mighty handy back then. The Professor could have picked up a satellite signal in a snap, and dialed up a rescue detail ASAP.
  2. GPS – As long as we’re sending modern-day satellites into orbit for the island folks, why not set them up with a global positioning system that could have pinpointed their location to facilitate a rescue.
  3. DirecTV – And while we’re at it, they could have been catching The Flintstones before they ever left the island if they had just a basic package with TV Land and Nickelodeon.
  4. Video Game Console – Kids spend more time playing videos than Gilligan spent on that island; and it would have gone by a lot quicker with an X Box. Then again, a Nintendo NES system would have allowed the castaways to play their video game namesake. Is this getting weird, or what?
  5. Sirius Marine Weather – This technology could have helped them avert that whole “weather starting getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed” thing and gotten them home safely.
  6. Video Camera – As it was, they had some pretty wild adventures on that island over the years. It would have been nice if they had at least left with some cool vids to post to YouTube. They’d be internet millionaires by now. Speaking of which …
  7. Internet – Think of the possibilities: Skype, Facebook and Twitter. The whole planet would have known overnight exactly where they were, thanks to Gilligan’s GPS.  With that video camera, they could have pioneered reality TV and game shows like Survivor 30 years ahead of time.
  8. MRE’s – A good supply of these meals ready to eat would have made dinner time a lot less of a hassle. It at least would have cut down on all of those Fish Fridays, and surf ‘n turf recipes.
  9. Home Brewing Kit – We think life on the island would have been a whole lot more bearable with one of these babies churning out some suds. It’s good to have a hobby.
  10. Coconut Juicer Machine – At the very least, it would hav3e been nice to have one of these gadgets with them on the island. It may not have made coconut juice taste any better, but it would have given them ore time to set up for happy hour.

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