10 Signs Your Online Social Status is Climbing

You’ve been working hard to increase your online status, but you have no idea if your work is paying off. If you need a reliable barometer to measure your juice with your the ‘net crowd, some reliable indicator that you have at last arrived, look no further. Here are ten concrete signs that your online social status is climbing:

  1. Number of Friends/Followers – Of course, a good place to start is to check the number of people who are staying current with your updates. If you have a sizable following, chances are you are doing something right.
  2. Status of Followers – It’s not just how many people follow you, but who they are that counts as well. If you are resonating with reputable and popular users and websites, then you’ve definitely got something going.
  3. RT’s – Twitter re-tweets provide an immediate feedback to measure the popularity of your input. If your tweets are regularly being echoed across the web, that’s a very good sign that your status is climbing.
  4. Links – When the links you share are gaining traffic and are being shared by large numbers of visitors, you have definitely arrived. This is where your network really begins to take hold. Links are very important in online life.
  5. Backlinks – Social networking media is ideally a two-way street. As you develop relationships with other users, sharing one another’s links helps spread the word about one another. If your peers and followers are backlinking from their sites to yours, that’s another excellent milestone.
  6. Imitation – Imitation is, as they say, the sincerest form of flattery. When other users are not only re-tweeting your posts, but mimicking your style, you’ve just about reached cult status, my friend.
  7. @Mentions – Now, when your profile or website is mentioned by another user, independent of any update or tweets from you, then you know that you’re on the people’s collective conscience. You are a golden god! Okay, not really, but a vague Almost Famous reference was kind of fun.
  8. Comments – There’s not much point in keeping a blog if you don’t get any feedback. A blog without comments is really just an online diary. When your posts start getting large numbers of comments – good or bad – you’re resonating with your audience.
  9. Bandwidth – If your site is stretching the limits of your initial bandwidth limits, then the growth of your status has taken on a literal indication. Time to bulk up your website for stardom.
  10. Advertising – Your ads will become more and more plentiful on your website or blog in accordance with the increased traffic you’ve gained. This is where monetization begins to pay off, figuratively as well as literally.

If any or all of these ten signs have occurred, you can be sure you’ve got it made in the shade! Congratulations on successfully promoting your site, self, or blog. You’ve worked hard, now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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