10 Different Ways to Play Roulette on the Web

The popular classic casino game Roulette has broken out of the casinos and moved into the online world, becoming a hit among internet gamers. Its simplicity and the James Bond-cool cache have made it a web fan favorite. Variations in form, game rules, and betting odds can be found throughout the internet. We’ll take a look at ten different ways that roulette can be played on the web:

  1. Chat Roulette – In this variant of the game, “players” enter a chat room and can meet up with other users online from around the world for a webcam-based chat session.  Your initial contact is selected at random; from there you can opt to “roll the wheel’, so to speak and meet someone else.
  2. 3D Roulette – Downloadable software allows you to play the game using 3D graphics and sound. Or you can opt to play a limited version online, such as with this version. Different styles of the game are also available, such as …
  3. European Roulette – In this version of roulette, there are spaces on the wheel numbered 0 through 36, which places betting odds at 37-to-1. This was the original wheel layout, until it was revised by American casino owners, as below:
  4. American Roulette – In order to improve the house odds – and, hence, raise the odds against the bettor – American roulette wheels were given an added segment for the double-zero. This raised the odds of winning to 38-to-1.
  5. Russian Roulette – Then there’s this form of the game, which uses an entirely different “wheel”, one with usually only 5 or six “segments”, and the odds are not very good for players getting to walk away as winners. There are internet versions you can play, though, but they’re a bit graphic.
  6. Cute Roulette – This website “spins” through a random library of cute videos on YouTube. You can get your daily dose of warm fuzzies and then some, all with just a click of the arrow on the right.
  7. Kitteh Roulette – If you just can’t get enough video of kittens at play, then check out this site for a roulette of adorable kitties and their silly antics. Load up on some lulz to email your friends. Just don’t tell them who sent you.
  8. Mobile Roulette – There are all sorts of roulette apps available that you can download to your mobile, and take the casino along with you. Versions for every platform can be found online, as on this site.
  9. Reel Roulette – This website, created by Nick Campbell, Joshua Schaible and Trevor Turk provides both a search and a posting option for either browsing others’ films or showing off your own. Think of it as a job fair for motion designers.
  10. Live Roulette – Streaming video brings the croupier and casino table directly to your computer screen. Casinos from around the country offer software that will deliver live feeds to your PC. Choose from a variety of table layouts and wheel configurations.

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