10 Blogs with Tax Advice for the Average Joe

Do you do your own taxes?  Should you do your own taxes? What are the risks of doing your own taxes?  Questions like these and many more can be answered by checking out some blogs with tax information.  Do you have a ton of money that you are trying to avoid paying taxes on?  No, then you probably don’t need investment advice or details on shelters.  You just want advice on what you can do to save some money on your taxes and not get audited.  Check out these ten blogs with tax advice for the average Joe.

  1. Tax GirlA great blog where real people submit questions and the blogger answers them.  She tackles many issues, but I found the one about charitable contributions especially interesting.  Definitely worth your time to check it out.
  2. Tax Mama:  This blog has a humorous side and that is saying something when you are talking about taxes.  I found this blogger to be amusing and full of information.  Her content consists of interviews with tax experts or money experts, articles about new tax laws, and something funny.  She also has daily audio clips and quips as she puts it.  This is an update blog that you can be certain to find something useful.
  3. The Tax Lady: Not a daily blog, but still has tons of information on it.  Articles about deduction losses incurred by natural disasters as well as thefts.  She does post quite a bit though since in 2011 she had 298 posts.  There are stories regarding finances and updates on what the IRS is doing.  The writing is pretty matter of fact and doesn’t include much personality.
  4. Uncle Fed’s Tax Board: This board has a LOT of information.  You can find forms and rulings regarding tax issues.  You can find explanations on how to fill out your tax forms and what to do if you get audited.  He even supplies help regarding documentation for your deductions.
  5. Tax Debt Help: An extensive source for a lot of tax related questions.  Articles about the new 1099K reporting form.  Information about deadlines and charitable donations.  They help you determine what is and what’s not a charitable donation.  An example of their information: If you are at a silent auction and you bid on a $50 gift certificate and you get it for $30 can you deduct anything?  No, because you got more than what you spent.  What if you paid $75 for that $50 gift card?  Yes, you could deduct $25 because you paid more than what it was worth.
  6. Back Taxes Help: A great resource if you owe back taxes, but you are not clear on exactly how much and what you need to do to pay them. They will go over what the penalties are and what you can do about any of them.  There is even information about tax liens and audits.
  7. Hodgen International TaxIf you travel for work or incur taxes in multiple countries this site is the one for you.  This blog is by an international tax lawyer.  There are forms, general information, and general tips for travel.  I found his recent article about avoiding high cell phone bills when travelling internationally very interesting.
  8. Tax Tips Blog: There are tons of answers to questions on this blog.  New laws and rebates are out there and it is often difficult to know if you qualify for something or if it would even benefit you even if you do qualify for it.  Sometimes you are better off letting your college age child file their own taxes versus you filing them and taking the deduction.  Most times this is probably not going to benefit you, but if you read on this blog it will explain how you can compare and possibly qualify for additional rebate monies.
  9. Gina’s Tax Tips: Gina posts pretty often and has great information.  The government has recently increased what is allowable for mileage for work and work related travel.  Gina has that new information posted.  She will answer your tax questions and post up to date articles on what is new in taxes and tax preparation.  Gina is a CPA and qualified to answer questions accurately.
  10. Tax Buzz: Lee Reims posts twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday with timely and informative articles.  His latest post talks about people who have previously been unable to take the earned income credit may be able to take it this year since many people have earned less due to hard economic times.  His posts are well written and easy to read.

No matter what your tax situation or questions are, one of these great, informative, and easy to read sites should be able to help you. Check out a few of them and see what new things you can learn. You might just find a way to save hundreds of dollars on your tax return this year.

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