10 Uses for Skype for Business Travelers

Skype has been downloaded onto many home computers. People are using it to stay connected over long distances with family and friends. Businesses are using Skype too, in the office and on the road. We’ve put together a list of ten ways that business travelers can use Skype.

  1. International calls – Business travelers who travel abroad can save the company a lot of expense by making their phone calls back to the home office through Skype, rather than over a cell phone or land lines. It also allows the business traveler to communicate with their other clients, regardless of location.
  2. Virtual meetings – With Skype, a businessman can have a virtual meeting with clients, co-workers or other business related entities, regardless of where he is at the time. He can be in a client’s office and use Skype to call another person to participate in the meeting.
  3. Family connection – Business travelers can use Skype to maintain their daily connections with their family. This can be especially important when there are young children involved who find it easier to connect with their parents face on a screen than just a voice over a telephone.
  4. Home surveillance – Some travelers are using Skype as a home surveillance tool. By setting their home Skype to automatically answer incoming calls with video, they can actually see whatever the webcam is pointed at. Some people are using this as a means of visually checking on their pets, while they’re away.
  5. Tech Support – Besides being able to speak to another person visually through Skype, you can also turn on screen sharing. This can be a great way to give or receive tech support, such as software instruction.
  6. Recording phone calls – There are many different add-on features you can use with Skype. Several of them provide a recording feature, which allows you to record your Skype calls (by rodriguez). This saves the businessman from having to keep notes during a Skype meeting. He can play it back at his leisure, to make sure he has all the details correct.
  7. Forwarding to cell – Skype calls can be forwarded to a person’s cell phone. This allows a person to freely give out his Skype contact information without concern for missed connections with clients.
  8. Visual customer service – A visual contact with a customer always makes a greater impact than a simple voice over the phone. With Skype, customers can have that same sense of personal connection as they would if the businessman were talking to them face to face.
  9. Group video calls – Skype has features available for group calling that allows the screen to be split between all the participants. This way team members from various locations can still work together in a fashion similar to sitting in the same room.
  10. Group chat – This is part of the instant messaging portion of Skype. This allows several different people, at different locations, to be involved in a text conversation. The conversation’s dialogue from all participants is contained in one spot so that someone can easily join in at any point and still be able to scroll back through previous input.

Skype is being used in so many ways by business today, that its name is being recognized all over the world.

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