10 Things I Love Most About Broadband Internet

Gone are the days when the only way we could connect to the Internet was through dial-up.  Thankfully, there is no more loud, squealing handshake to wait through in order to get on the Net.  Check out the 10 Things I Love Most about Broadband.

  1. Faster: I would say the biggest plus for broadband is the speed at which we can surf the net.
  2. Higher Quantity of data: The sheer volume of date that can be transferred now via broadband is mind-boggling.
  3. Satellite Broadband: An ability to carry information to and from via satellites is a huge step up from being tied to cables.  The possibilities are endless.
  4. Mobile Broadband: An even bigger step up in terms of freedom is the mobile broadband that allows you to connect in the car or under a tree if you want.
  5. Internet Shows: Being able to watch television shows online now and actually having the quantity and speed of data to make that possible is amazing.
  6. Work from Home: Broadband allows me to telecommute by being able to log into my company’s computer from my home and it’s just like I’m there.
  7. Web casting: Prior to broadband there was no such thing as web casting.  Someone can broadcast from their home or office and thousands of people can watch and interact with them.  Flying in for a meeting is a thing of the past.
  8. Skype: Keeping in touch with loved ones has never been easier since broadband came along and made it possible to communicate via web cam.
  9. Internet Gaming: Not only can you find a plethora of games online, but also you can connect and play with people from all over the world.
  10. You Tube: How could we live without You Tube?  Without broadband the millions of You Tube videos would not be possible and people like Justin Bieber would not get discovered.

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