10 Reasons You Might Still have Dial-up Internet

Do you remember the movie You’ve Got Mail?  This iconic movie depicts the squealing “hand shake” when dial-up Internet connects.  For some, dial-up is old technology and has gone to hang out with Pong and Atari, but for others it’s a sound they hear every day.  Check out these ten reasons why you might still have dial-up Internet.

  1. No access: The first reason might be that you live in a rural area that does not have cable or fiber optic lines that can give you a cable modem or DSL.
  2. Too Expensive: For the thrifty person who doesn’t use the Internet a lot you may choose to use a dial-up connection for free on the few occasions that they need to use it at all.
  3. Protecting your kids: How does dial-up protect your kids you might be asking?  Dial-up connections are very slow and make it impossible to use features like You Tube that may have questionable content.
  4. Fear of identity theft: Many other types of Internet access are always on so there is a fear that hackers can access your personal information.
  5. Old Computer: For some people their computers are just too old for the new technology.
  6. You already use it all day at work: Lots of people use their computer at work all day long and the last thing they want to do when they go home is get on it again.
  7. Out of the loop: Some people have never been offered anything else and don’t know that something better is available.
  8. Only use computer for e-mail: Many people only use their computer for e-mail and after they connect to dial-up and download their messages they are done.
  9. Don’t care how fast it is: There are some people that aren’t in a rush and don’t see a need for their computer to go faster.
  10. Live too far away from junction box: Some people live too far away from a junction box to get a good signal.

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