10 Reasons to Have a Backup Internet Service Provider

Temporarily losing your internet connection can be frustrating, and certainly an inconvenience. But in some situations it can be more than an inconvenience. If being online and maintaining that connection is critical for you, you may want to do want others have done and have a second ISP as a backup provider.

  1. Online worker. If you earn your living working online, you can’t afford to be without internet access for very long. You also can’t afford to suddenly lose your connection in the middle of an online project that hasn’t been saved. A backup ISP could be a valuable asset for you to have.
  2. Online college classes. Individuals who are taking college classes online often have certain time frames where they must be online for classes. They also have deadlines for assignments that need to be submitted online.
  3. Online banking. There can be times when you need to make last minute banking transactions and an internet outage at the wrong time could cause you to miss a costly deadline.
  4. Last minute tax filings. Both businesses and individuals use the internet for filing tax returns. Many times those tax filings are delayed to the last minute possible. An internet outage could cost you tax penalties for late filing.
  5. Website hosting. If you are hosting websites on a server, a loss of internet service would mean that your websites would not be available on the internet. Your internet service is critical.
  6. Online chatting. If you’re in the middle of a chat or you’ve told someone to meet you in a chat room at a certain time, an internet outage could cause a misunderstanding.
  7. VOIP phones. Many people have switched to VOIP phones that operate over the internet, for their home phones. If your internet goes down, you have also lost your phone service. If your VOIP is your business phone, this could be a serious issue.
  8. Online gaming. Gaming over the internet is very popular and the gamers take their activities very seriously. To have your internet go down at a crucial point in a game could be devastating. Online poker players would take an internet outage in the middle of a game very seriously.
  9. Online auctions. When you’re bidding on online auction sites, like E-bay, the last few minutes of bidding on an item can be the most intense. Having your internet go down during that end of a bid could cost you the item you were attempting to purchase.
  10. Online trading. Timing is very important when buying and selling stocks. An internet outage at the wrong time could cost an online trader some very significant amounts of money.

There are a number of ways to provide yourself with a backup internet provider to keep any of these situations from happening. You can have a wireless card or usb as your backup connection to your cable or DSL connection. Or, for a true emergency option to a cable connection, you can have an inexpensive dialup connection to fall back on.

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