10 Reasons Kids Seem so Darn Computer Literate

Do your kids know more about computers than you do? Don’t feel alone. Kids these days have taken to the computer age like fish to water. Why is it that they have developed superior computer skills in such a short period of time when it’s taken the rest of us so long?

  1. Start at an early age – While many of us weren’t introduced to computers until we were adults, kids have been around them since the day they were born. Children start learning about computers as they develop all their other skills.
  2. Grow up with it – Although we may have trouble keeping up with the pace of new technology, kids don’t seem to have a problem with it. This is probably because children are developing their learning skills at the same pace.
  3. Learn faster – Let’s face it, kids catch on to new things much faster than we do. Instead of relearning old skills, they quickly master one computer skill and move on to the next.
  4. Keeping up with friends – Kids don’t want their pals to be more computer literate than they are so they are constantly trying to best each other. They love to be the first one of their friends to show off.
  5. Sharing the latest – This means their constantly sharing the latest gizmos and techno-savvy stuff with each other. Learning a new computer program or application is no challenge for them.
  6. More time – Kids don’t have jobs, family and a home to take care of, so they have much more time to spend on the computer than we do. They can spend hours surfing the web and checking out the coolest new stuff.
  7. School – Although many of us use computers at work, kids are using computers at school as a learning tool. They’re bound to pick up more computer knowledge while they’re in an academic environment.
  8. Use them for everything – While we use computers when we have to, kids use them all the time. Whether it’s games, social networking, homework or just getting information, they will use a computer before they’ll open a book. They even use computers to read books.
  9. Gadgets – Kids are fascinated with all the latest gadgets and use them to hone their computer skills. If you’re having trouble with your new smart phone, find a child to help you out.
  10. They’re smarter – I know it’s hard to admit, but these kids are just plain smarter than we are. They can’t help it we’re so dumb. While we’re stuck scratching our heads, they’re figuring out how to develop a new computer game.

So don’t feel bad if your 12 year old seems to be more computer literate than you are. To them it just comes naturally, like learning how to walk and talk. If you don’t have any kids of your own you may want to find one in the neighborhood that can help you out next time you have a problem with your computer.

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