10 Free Ways to Add Culture to Your Life Via the Internet

The fine arts have been a source of enrichment and beauty throughout the ages. Previously, we were physically limited in our access to these treasures, outside of reading about them in books. Now, we have more immediate access and more detailed information available to us through the internet, at no cost beyond that of a connection.

  1. Literature. Have you never been exposed to classical literature? You could go to your local library, but where do you start? With the internet you can browse through the classics in the leisure of your home and read them online or download to your computer or e-reader, free of charge. Many of the classics are available free of charge on the larger media sites but there are a couple of sites committed to providing the best of classical literature free of charge: Gutenberg.org and ReadPrint.com.
  2. Poetry. You have lots of options in this area. Do you want to read the best of the poets of the past? OldPoetry.com will provide you that opportunity, along with information about each of the poets whose work is listed there. If you want to be exposed to the newest vocal expressions of poetry, simply search for spoken word on Youtube.
  3. Music. In addition to the classical radio stations available online, Classical.com is a great website for introduction to classical music. The site is filled with information. Their Beginner’s Guide will introduce you to the major composers, orchestra instruments and genre’s. They also give suggestions for your first samplings and information on attending live concerts.
  4. Theatre. Ok, plays, true theater, needs to be experienced live, there’s no two ways about it. However, you can get a taste of some of the greatest Broadway hits online at bluegobo.com Check them out and then go to the theater to see it in person.
  5. Dance. Kennedy-Center.org is your top choice for watching the best in dance online. You can watch live performances as they are broadcast, or you can view the many videos in their archives. You get a front row seat to some amazing performances.
  6. History. When choosing the internet as your source for studying history, you must be aware that not all the information posted on the internet is accurate. One of the best sources for authoritative history collections is besthistorysites.net. This site is a well designed portal to all areas of history. It is used by professional teachers and home schoolers as a resource for information and lesson plans.
  7. Sculpture. For a variety of high quality sculpted art, Sculptor.org is a great venue. You can view high resolution photos along with detailed descriptions of the art pieces. You can browse by category, bronze, marble, metal, etc. A great resource.
  8. Pottery. If pottery is your interest, pottery-english.com is a great resource for learning about different potters, potter’s marks and other pertinent information for someone interesting in increasing their knowledge of the craft or in collecting pottery pieces.
  9. Photography. With digital photography, the internet is flooded with great photography from professionals and amateurs alike. Digitalart.com provides one of the widest collections and allows you to search by keywords. You’ll find some amazing work there.
  10. Visual Arts. Paintings, drawings and mixed media art forms are also widely available on the web, including the digitalart.com website. For viewing of some of the most famous paintings and drawings, visit elrelojdesol.com and browse through the paintings of Van Gogh and de Vinci, among others.

Whether you are wanting to educate yourself or simply enjoy the viewing, listening and reading available, your resources are only a click away.

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