10 Features We Wish Twitter Would Add in 2011

We are at the half year mark, but Twitter has time to catch up with a few things.  There is always room for improvement, and Twitter is known for turning potential customers away by its lack of initial user friendly instructions.  It seems to be set up for the computer savvy, and Social Media people in the celebrity and business world who are hungry for a following, more than just checking on friends from the past.

  1. More John Q Public friendly. We are not bothered by that, everyone needs an outlet; and if it is working for the business world more power to them.  However for those who have turned themselves away from using twitter for countless reasons let us offer some suggestions to Twitter.  Speaking out works you know.  So if they still want users, let’s see what happens after these hits the Internet.
  2. Often 140 characters Twitter limits its member base in making posts, is just not enough when what needs to be said may take more like 280 to 480.  This would encourage more Facebook people to come on over and join the club.
  3. Using photos, Twitter only allows one link per post.
  4. There are no sending direct messages to more than one tweeter at a time.  This could stand some improvement.
  5. Unable to post Videos, other than linking to a U-Tube video.  This is a drawback to many would-be tweeters.
  6. It would be wonderful for Twitter to consider introducing autocomplete when typing a message.  It would help speed things up to have a word completed before you get to the end of the word.
  7. Whereas Facebook is allowing for advertisements, Twitter has kept its network free.  While this is a good thing for some, there are others who would love to make money on Twitter.  The closest we have is promoted tweets (still not open to everyone).
  8. One aggravation of Twitter is its block function.  A user should have the ability to block any tweeter from showing up on their page; however it appears that any blocked tweeter can still read your tweets.  This needs to be corrected pronto.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN2HAroA12w is a twitter cartoon you may enjoy.
  10. This is unlike us to allow someone to finish my list for me.  However we have come up with some good suggestions, but we have the feeling you may want to add your own.  So for #10 leave us a comment and we will see what you would add that did not come to us.

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