10 Common FaceBook Status Updates for Homecoming

The homecoming football game and the corresponding dance are still fall traditions for most high schools. School pride is at a fever pitch and activities fill the days prior to the game to keep the momentum going. With most every high school student using facebook to communicate their current thoughts, whereabouts and announcements, you’ll find a lot of similar status updates showing up during homecoming week.

  1. “He finally asked me!” – For most of the girls, homecoming is all about the dance. The football game is important, of course, but it is their date for the dance that has them dreaming and hoping several weeks ahead of time. When ‘Mr. Right’ finally gets up the courage to actually ask her, she’s sure to announce it to all her friends via her facebook status update.
  2. “In a relationship” – At this age, kids are in and out of ‘relationships’ quicker than a blink of the eye, and when the homecoming dance is on the calendar, you’ll find many new status updates that say “in a relationship”. Many of those status updates regarding their relationship status will change within a week after the homecoming dance, so don’t take it too seriously.
  3. “@ THE GAME” – Letting everyone know ‘where’ you are at has become pretty popular for any facebook status, so you’re sure to see plenty of these as kids (and parents) arrive at the field and get settled into the stands.
  4. “Go! (Mascot)” – You’re bound to see the team mascot being mentioned in facebook updates during homecoming week. Eagles, Bears, Bulldogs and Wildcats will all be cheered on to victory by their respective fans.
  5. “Go! (School colors)” – If it isn’t the mascot listed in the status, it may the school colors. Black and gold were my high school colors. I’m sure you could name yours off pretty quickly too.
  6. “Go! (School name)” – In small towns the high school usually has the same name as the town, but many high schools will have their own name that is being touted above their rival.
  7. “Check out my dress!” – Between the game and the dance, you’ll see a few of these as girls upload pictures of them in their finery. If it’s not the dress, then it may be “my hair”.
  8. “(School Name) Rocks!” – You may see a few status updates like this prior to the actual game, but you’ll definitely seem some after the game by the kids if the home team wins the game.
  9. “@ the Parade” – This is another ‘where am I’ status update. Homecoming isn’t just a game and a dance, after all, at least not in most small towns. It is also an excuse for a parade and good practice for the marching band.
  10. “Touch Down!” – Hopefully, there’ll be plenty of these updates going on during the game. Generally, you’ll get a few of them at least for the first touch down of the game by the home team.

Keep your eye out for these types of status updates. When you see them popping up on facebook, you can be sure it’s homecoming season for the high school students that you are friends with there.

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